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Custom Waterproof Labels

Withstand the elements with custom waterproof labels!

Custom Waterproof Labels

Help your business with branding and organization even outdoors with our custom waterproof labels. If your company requires lots of time spent outside, there’s a high probability that you’ll need to label some tools or packages that could potentially be exposed to water or other harsh circumstances. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean your labels have to get ruined. With our weatherproof selection, you can find durable labels that perfectly match your brand and fit your budget.

When you’re shopping for products that need to withstand water exposure or weather conditions, you want to use a company that you can trust to offer high-quality products at a price you can afford. We’ve been finding the right labels for businesses like yours for over twenty years, so we’re uniquely qualified to answer any questions you might have.

How Can Waterproof Labels Help?

Adding labels to products and packaging is essential in many ways. Whether you need to provide information or just add some branded professionalism to your products, labels are an effective and affordable way to do that. However, if your products and tools might be exposed to water or weather, there’s always the concern that the labels won’t last. With our custom weatherproof labels, you can rest assured that your message is going to stick around and leave a lasting impression. Some uses of weatherproof labels include:

  • Labeling food and drink packaging
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Tools typically used outside
  • Industrial equipment
  • And many more!

Also, “weatherproof” doesn’t just apply to water! Many of our labels are made to withstand extended sun exposure for years.

Kinds of Weatherproof Labels

All of our custom printed waterproof labels have one thing in common: They’re made of durable, high-quality materials that are sure to keep your message on display. With our laminated vinyl stock, your logo will stay clear and protected. And our variety of sizes and styles are sure to let you find the perfect labels to match your brand.

If you’re looking for water bottle labels that can stand up to condensation, we have a couple of different size options that are sure to get your logo noticed! We also have durable decals, clear labels that blend in while your message stands out, and more!

We Want Your Business to Succeed

After so many years of helping customers find the right products, we make it our goal for you to have a great experience with every order. If you have any concerns about our labels or any of the other products on our site, our dedicated account managers are happy to help you out.

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