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Stain Remover Pens and Sticks with Custom Logo

Help your customers fight tough stains with custom printed stain remover sticks and laundry pens!

Custom Printed Stain Remover Sticks and Tide Pens

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, travelers are an affluent clientele worth targeting with promotional products for your brand. Work travel requires that your clients stay looking their best so give them a convenient tool that will help them battle unexpected spills or stains on their clothing while also reminding them of your company with custom printed stain sticks or laundry pens.

Vacation travel can also generate a lot of dirty laundry that shouldn’t necessarily be left unresolved until your customers get home, so a helpful Tide To Go stick or customized laundry pen will help prevent stains from becoming permanent. Plus your clients will be extra appreciative of your thoughtfulness for helping them out of a potentially sticky situation. Travel promotions like this tend to generate brand loyalty!

Custom Laundry Pen Options

Tide To Go Stain Removers and Travel Kits are ideal for travelers who need to get a stain out in a hurry. Stain Away Travel Pens and Fade Away Laundry Pens are tried and true solutions for when you a toss a shirt with a minor stain in the laundry bin before you’re ready to wash a full load. They’ll help prevent the stain from setting into the fabric permanently.

So whether your company is looking for travel promotions or campus giveaways, custom printed stain sticks are a handy solution that will align your brand with freshness and clean laundry as well as a sense of preparedness that will help your clients out in a jam.

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