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Social Distancing Signs

Proper safety signage is important for keeping your employees and customers safe during a health crisis. Enforce your company’s safety and sanitation policy with custom social distancing signs, stickers and magnets imprinted with your business logo.

Custom Printed Social Distancing Signs

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced retail stores, restaurants, offices, warehouses and any other places of business to reassess their health and safety signage as well as add new elements for social distancing. The standard “Employees must wash their hands before returning to work” sign in the restrooms just doesn’t cut it anymore. With businesses slowly but surely reopening, now is the perfect time for companies to upgrade their existing health and safety signage and add proper social distancing guidelines with new custom printed signs, stickers and magnets and reinforce your company’s commitment to good health and proper hygiene in the workplace.

If your business does not have an official Coronavirus prevention policy, many of these signs and magnets are preprinted with widely recognized social distancing, hand washing and illness prevention tips that can be applied to almost every workplace or retail environment. These informational postings are designed to the customized with your company name or logo so they present a uniformed branding throughout your office and satellite work sites.

Custom Printed Signs of the Times

Every workstation, cubicle, conference room, reception area, breakroom or common area should have the new or upgraded health and safety rules posted. This can be achieved with safety stickers on cubicle walls, standing signs on common area tables or reception desks and magnets on breakroom refrigerators. These constant reminders will inspire your workforce to make the extra necessary precautions to help maintain a germ-free and healthier environment as well as proper social distancing.

Custom Social Distancing Floor Decals

Another way to help guide your customers and employees in proper social distancing is with custom floor decals. They can be used for one-way aisles which are proven to prevent the number of times that shoppers can potentially come in contact with each other thus reducing the risk of virus transmission between customers. Floor decals also designate safe distances so customers waiting in lines can maintain safe distances from each other.

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