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Custom Printed Rubber Ducks

Keep your business afloat with these adorable promotions.

Custom Rubber Ducks

For an adorable and affordable advertisement that's also the perfect bath time accessory, use custom rubber ducks for your next promotion! They’re perfect options for the beauty industry, hotels and housing companies, or any business that wants a memorable promotion that’s sure to stay on display in customers’ bathrooms. If you’re in the market for a unique giveaway, these promotions are the answer you’ve been looking for!

Fun Facts About Rubber Ducks

We’re going to take a wild guess that you don’t know the history behind rubber ducks, so here are a few facts for your entertainment:

  • When rubber ducks first came about, they didn’t even float! They originated as long ago as the 1800s and were made of hard rubber.
  • Since the 1950s, flexible PVC plastic has been used to make many rubber ducks, meaning these "rubber ducks" aren't rubber at all! This material though is still soft and squeezable, sometimes making a squeaky noise, and most often times floats - unlike original designs of the rubber duck.
  • Rubber ducks, also known as "rubber duckies," were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2013. Sesame Street's Ernie popularized the rubber duck in the 1970s, when he first sang about his own "Rubber Duckie," the Muppet's favorite toy.
  • Rubber ducks are collected by a small population of people, and the largest collection, as of 2011, that was recognized by the Guinness World Records, included 5,631 unique ducks! That's a lot of rubber duckies!
  • As of 2016, the largest floating rubber duck in the world was 61 feet in height!
  • Rubber duck derbies are popular events that are held around the world. Usually, these events are for fundraisers, and consist of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of ducks floating in a race, with the first rubber duck to cross the finish line being designated the winner.

Whether you’re participating in a rubber duck derby or simply trying to find a cute handout for your brand, we have the rubber duck options you need!

Customizing Your Promotional Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducks make great advertising tools for tons of different businesses, and we have options for everyone! For schools, sports teams, or athletic departments, an