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Custom RFID Sleeves & Privacy Protectors

Your brand can help prevent identity theft!


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Dark green 1
Multi-color 2
Navy blue 1
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White 6

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Custom RFID Sleeves and Privacy Protectors

Help protect your customers’ identities while promoting your brand with custom RFID sleeves and privacy protectors! It lets customers know that you value their identity, while also giving them the opportunity to carry your logo around with them everywhere they go.

These sleeves are not just a promotional item. Like webcam covers, they’re an important protective measure that everyone should have. We understand why you put your customers first because we do too! And we want your promotions to look great while you do it.

What is RFID?

Just because you’re not familiar with RFID, doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant to you! RFID is an acronym for Radio-frequency identification, which is a tag that’s attached to objects like credit cards and passports that contains electronically stored information using electromagnetic fields. Since 2006, we’ve been using RFID in our daily lives because it’s useful, but it can also pose a threat to the owner’s privacy and identity since the information can be read up to several feet away from the source. If you weren’t aware of RFID, you’re not alone -- many people don’t know about it, so very few actually take steps to protect themselves from identity theft.

Blocking the signal that your credit cards and IDs give off is the easiest way to protect yourself. By using protective sleeves and custom RFID blocking wallets as a promotional tool, you’re informing your customers of a problem they may not be aware of, helping them keep unwanted parties from obtaining their information, and displaying your brand on items that will travel with your customers wherever they go!

Kinds of RFID Sleeves and Privacy Protectors

Since licenses, credit cards, and passports use RFID, we offer a selection of blockers that allows you to choose which item you help your customers protect. Our options include:

  • Passport and credit card sleeves with full color printing
  • Cell phone blocker wallets
  • Custom RFID wallets and card cases that can hold everything your customer needs to carry with them
  • We even have leather card cases for an upscale, protective gift.

With these promotional products, you can advertise your brand while being the hero your customers need.

We Have Your Best Interests in Mind

We always want you to be able to do the best work for your customers while also getting the word out about your business. And, with our help, we know you can have the best promotions around at a price that works with your budget. If you have any questions about custom RFID sleeves and privacy protectors or any of our other products, we’re here to help!

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