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Custom Oval Labels

Deliver information with custom oval labels! Labels printed with your information make powerful sales tools at a fantastic value and are great for political campaigns, sponsor programs, radio stations and more.


*Exact Quote Required Due to Fluctuations in Material Cost* 11
Made in USA 11

Blue 8
Brown 10
Clear / translucent 9
Gold 8
Gray 9
Off white 8
White 9

100 - 250 1
500 - 1000 10

Less than $2.00 11

One of our most popular custom label shapes, our oval labels are perfect for a wide range of applications. From sealing marketing materials, to adding a special touch to product packaging, to political campaigns and more, custom oval labels are an affordable and effective way to put your message out there.

Ordering custom printed oval labels from us isn't difficult, but to make the process all the smoother, we'll walk you through the steps below!

First things first, you'll need to chose a size. This part is easy! From 1" x 1 1/2" labels all the way up to 3" x 4" labels, we've got the perfect size for every need! Don't see the size you're looking for? Let us know! What's listed on our website are only our most popular sizes. However, we can accommodate almost any request!

Next up, you'll need to pick your material. We offer standard paper stock labels, as well as Kraft paper labels. If you choose Kraft labels, there's nothing left to do but to upload your artwork. If you decide to go with standard labels, there's one more thing you'll have to decide before getting to artwork...

With our standard labels you'll see a long list of options under product colors, but don't feel overwhelmed! We've listed characteristics of each option below to help you best decide:

  • White gloss: Semi-glossy finish that is not suitable for writing on. Popular for all uses. Most common option.
  • White gloss removable: Gloss face stock, low-tack, reusable adhesive similar to a post-it note. Popular for point of sale, indoor windows, and kids stickers.
  • White BOPP: White durable, tear resistant film. Popular for window decals, the food and beverage industry, retail, and health and beauty products.
  • Clear Polypropylene: Clear, durable, tear resistant film. Popular for the food and beverage industry, retail, and health and beauty products.
  • Gold and Silver foil: Provides a metallic appearance. Popular for retail, packaging, awards, and embossing.
  • Yellow gloss: Provides a yellow glossy finish. Popular for all uses.
  • Fluorescent: Bright, day glow. Popular for warning labels, color coding, awareness, and inventory.

Once you've decided which product color is best for your project, all that's left is to upload your artwork. Besides for our full color oval labels which come printed in vivid, digital full color - perfect for elaborate designs - all of our labels can be printed with one to three colors, and with the option for bleed, which means the ink extends to the edge of the label, or no bleed, which will feature a small white border around your design.

From there, you just need to upload your artwork and we will handle the rest! If you still have questions or need assistance with your order, don't hesitate to chat with us online or to give us a call. People don't call us the printing experts for nothing! As a leader in the promotional printing industry for over 20 years, custom printing is what we live and breath. Get started online now or call us today! We look forward to assisting you with your project!

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