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No Touch Tools

Promote your brand and help keep your customers safe in the COVID-19 era with custom printed no touch tools and stylus devices.

Custom No Touch Tools and Styluses

Combine your company’s safety initiatives and promotional efforts with no touch multi tools and stylus devices that can easily be imprinted or laser engraved with your custom logo. No touch multi tools are ideal for anyone who needs to punch numbers on a shared keypad or press public elevator buttons while styluses help ensure that touchscreen menus and checkout screens remain germ-free experiences while out shopping for essentials.

Customers are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of promotional products that keep their health and safety in mind. Custom branded safety tools are also great for employees and partners reinforcing your company’s commitment to health and safety initiatives. Just because the economy is in the midst of a worldwide pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t flex a little marketing savvy and turn germophobes into new clients.

Help Your Customers Remain Touch Free

When it comes to battling bacteria and viruses, the best offense is often a strong defense, and the best defense against germs is to not come in contact with them in the first place. To help your clients accomplish the goal of completely contactless interactions, provide them with a helpful tool for touching screens, punching buttons, pressing keypads or turning doorknobs. Many of these featured no touch tools can accomplish all of these tasks in one handy device!

Stylus Tips Point the Way to the Future

Another tool for ensuring a germ-free and contactless business transaction is he stylus tip. Whether on the end of a keychain or when combined with a pen or LED light, styluses have been the wave of the future for selecting menu options and signing receipts on iPads and other touchscreen devices for a while now. The current Coronavirus outbreak has simply solidified their status as an essential tool for our contactless future.

And once the current pandemic subsides these no touch tools will remain in use as your customers continue to use ATMs, gas station pumps and other high-traffic public kiosks.

Keep Your Clients Safe with Touch Free Products

Our website has a vast and growing selection of Coronavirus fighting products that can help align your brand with positive prevention efforts. Consider putting together a COVID-19 prevention pack with no touch multi tools, face masks and hand sanitizer products to demonstrate your company’s commitment to flattening the curve and eradicating the virus in these trying times. Contact us today and get started on a touchless, germ-free future for your business.

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