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Custom Night Lights

Provide safety and security while illuminating your logo at the same time with promotional night lights! Browse our selection of usb night lights, led night lights, color changing night lights and more.


Product Color

Black 2
Blue 3
Clear / translucent 1
Frosted 1
Green 1
Orange 1
Red 2
White 7

Minimum Order Size

0 - 50 1
50 - 100 2
100 - 250 7
250 - 500 1

Price As Low As

Less than $2.00 1
$2.00 - $6.00 6
$6.00 - $8.00 1
Greater than $10.00 3

Who said night lights are just for kids? If you've ever had to get up and find your way in the dark in the middle of the night, you know just how practical a night light can be. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and any other room where you might wander late at night, night lights provide you with much needed guidance and prevent you from waking up others in your house with bright overhead lights, or with shouts after stubbing your toe.

Promotional night lights have become a popular advertising solution for security companies and real estate firms, but they're also great for the tech industry and architecture firms, and any other company looking to put their name in people's homes while providing their clients with a promotional tool that's actually useful.

When it comes to our selection of night lights, we offer many appealing options. Take our Emergency Night Lights for example. With this innovative light, the rechargeable battery charges when the unit is plugged in, and the night light only comes on when it senses that the room is dark. If the power goes out, this night light stays on, or you can simply unplug it and use the other end as a flashlight.

Another popular option is our Night Light with AC Adapter and Dual USB Ports. These custom night lights go the extra mile by allowing you to charge up to two devices while the light is plugged into the wall, while the bright, white LED light keeps the dark at bay.

And then of course we have our standard night light options, like our Illumination Auto Sensor Night Lights which automatically turns off when there is light in the room, and our UL-Listed Night Lights, which feature an energy-saving sensor so that the light only comes on when it senses movement in the dark.

No matter the style you choose, we're confident that our promotional night lights will illuminate your message with class. Get started online now or give us a call today. Our team of printing experts looks forward to assisting you with all of your promotional product needs!

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