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Custom Zippo Lighters and Promotional Products

Custom Zippo lighters create a promotional spark for your brand.

Custom Zippo Lighters

Leave a lasting impression of your brand for years to come with custom Zippo lighters. Popular collectibles that are known for their durable and stylish construction, these products make great gifts, handouts and retail items for all kinds of industries. It's a great way to take your lighter promotions to the next level and make sure your logo gets maximum exposure.

About Zippo®

George Grant Blaisdell founded Zippo Manufacturing Company in 1932 in Bradford, Pennsylvania, where the family-owned business still produces the beloved windproof lighters today. It all started when he watched a friend struggle to use an Austrian-made lighter which was constructed to work better in the wind than other lighters, but was awkward in appearance and required two hands to use. After some reconstruction, he managed to engineer a lighter which would work well in the wind, but also durable and easy to use with one hand. Right off the bat, Blaisdell positioned Zippo lighters as a permanent product not to be thrown away by advertising a lifetime guarantee, "it works or we fix it free."

Today, well over 500,000,000 Zippo lighters have been produced and sold, and they've even become a cultural staple. Zippo lighters are a symbol of musical appreciation at concerts and they've been featured in more than 2,000 films in a variety of genres. In the decades since the company began they've made plenty of upgrades and improvements, but what hasn't changed is the quality of their products and their dedication to making sure every lighter is built to last.

Zippo Products With Your Custom Logo

Using Zippo lighters and products is a great way to keep your logo or message around for more exposure, and also associate your brand with the long-lasting reliable reputation of Zippo. By printing or engraving these high quality products which have been trusted and used by consumers for over 80 years, you're sure to create a positive association and wow customers and clients. Call us today to get your order started!

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