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Custom Tervis Tumblers

The product that changed the drinkware industry forever was created by two Detroit engineers in 1946 who figured out how to harness the natural insulating properties of air. The product was purchased by a Florida entrepreneurial family in the 1960s. With a love of the outdoors, it was easy for them to market this double-walled drinkware that would keep beverages hot or cold for hours. Though modern printing is offered on all Tervis products, you can still get the nostalgic embroidered emblems with your logo set between the tumbler walls. For a classic promotional gift, call us and order your custom Tervis tumblers today!

Custom Tervis Tumblers

Instantly recognizable for their double-wall construction and innovative design, Tervis® tumblers and sports bottles have built a strong reputation due to their quality and durability. The company’s name is derived from the last three letters of engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis who developed the permanently sealed double-wall tumbler. The inner and outer layer of Tervis tumblers were once heated in pizza ovens before being permanently welded together, but the process has evolved into a proprietary technique called ultrasonic welding.

Quality Water Bottles and More from Tervis

Tervis’ brand innovation has expanded beyond just tumblers and bottles to include mugs, wine glasses, bowls, sippy cups and even an ice bucket. All these products maintain Tervis’ trademark double-wall insulation and top-of-the-line design standards. With product capacities ranging from 12 to 24 oz. and an array of colorful lids and attachments to match your company’s logo or color scheme, there’s a Tervis product to satisfy the thirstiest promotional needs.

Drink Up Your Tervis Promotion with Our Help

For promotional purposes, most of the Tervis product line can be directly screen printed or for an everlasting branding impact, an embroidered patch can be sealed between the two layers for a unique look that can never be scratched or washed away. The imprint won’t rub off, but the quality and reliability of custom Tervis tumblers will rub off on your own company or organization’s brand. So make sure to associate your brand with excellence and check out our carefully curated selection of Tervis promotional items for your next high-end gifting or marketing campaign.

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