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Custom MAGLITE Flashlights

Let your promotions light the way with custom MAGLITE® flashlights.

Custom MAGLITE Flashlights

Here's a bright idea for your next advertising campaign: Use custom MAGLITE flashlights for a classic and long-lasting promotional gift. These sturdy, useful tools are necessities for many industries, and a smart addition to any emergency kit or tool set. With our selection, you can find bright, powerful MAGLITE flashlights for your brand.

The History of MAGLITE

A true testament to The American Dream, Anthony Maglica spoke very little English when he opened his one-man machine shop in Los Angeles in 1955. In 1979, he produced his first flashlight, initially marketed to the safety sector. The anodized aluminum flashlight received rave reviews from policemen, firefighters and mechanics for its incredible durability and reliability. From then on, the portable lighting industry was changed forever. Many versions of the Maglite for a variety of industries have been introduced today, and the products have been honored with numerous awards. But their dedication to quality hasn't changed. In fact, ideas for new products must be presented to the founder, who is still involved in the business, and new products are only introduced into the Maglite® line when Mr. Maglica is satisfied with them.

MAGLITE Products With Your Custom Logo

As a company, MAGLITE is committed to high quality parts and innovation with every product. By using their flashlights to promote your logo, you're representing your brand as one that's reliable, hard working and built to last. Plus, you know customers are going to keep your promotional items around when they're as useful and effective as one of these flashlights. Align your logo with the Maglite for a classic American promotional gift.

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