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Custom Printed Bottle Tags and Keg Collars

Custom keg collars, keg wraps and personalized bottle tags are worth the investment due to their many uses. Most importantly, bottle tags and keg wraps provide an opportunity to increase brand exposure. Personalized bottle tags are also great for promoting seasonal specials and to help comply with government regulations.

Custom Printed Bottle Tags

Keep your brews organized with our wide selection of personalized bottle tags and custom keg collars! Beer bottle and growler tags, wine bottle tags and keg collars are used to provide legal labeling information for beverages bottled in pre-branded, generic and reusable containers, and our tags fit easily over the neck or through the handle of growlers and bottles, making labeling simple and easy.

Essential for any brewery or winery, custom bottle tags help to identify the beverage inside reusable bottles and promote the brand, flavor or seasonal information, along with the required information like brew name, wine type, style, date, ABV and net weight. Similarly, keg collars provide a unique way to label and brand a keg to aid in easy identification. Our keg wraps are a great solution for any brewery or beverage manufacturer looking to brand their kegs with their company logo or information. When your kegs are labeled with keg wraps, consumers will easily be able to identify and return your keg to the proper location, and they’ll also remember where to buy your delicious brew!

Uncork Your Promotional Potential with Bottle Tags

Not only are bottle tags practical, but they’re also durable and attractive! Our tags are made with sturdy materials and all come decorated with your custom design. If you are not sure which product will work best for your needs, or if you need artwork assistance, give us a call! Our knowledgeable sales managers are here to help! Chat with us online to discuss your needs and to get suggestions from our friendly team!

Cheers to a successful promotion!

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