Custom Corporate Gifts to Order Now to Ensure a Happy Holiday

Planning Ahead for Holiday Gift Giving

The holiday season is approaching and that means businesses, schools, and organizations are planning for corporate gift giving. But if anything is certain these days, it is uncertainty. We are all learning to roll with the changes and delays caused by inventory issues, labor challenges, and fluctuating pricing. Not to mention that Fall and Winter weather can also mean weather-related delays. But don’t worry, with the right planning, your holiday gift giving can be accomplished with little to no stress by getting your plans and orders in place now.

While many promotional products can be produced and shipped overnight, certain products cannot and chances are, these products are on your list. So let’s take a look at the custom corporate gifts you need to order now to ensure a happy holiday for your employees and customers.

There are many custom products that always have a peak in sales before the holidays. For example candles, blankets, and food gifts are always popular as 4th quarter gifts. But this year certain products are already selling fast and that could impact their availability as holiday gifts if not ordered sooner than later. Your business can benefit from getting the most popular products delivered when other businesses miss out by waiting too long to place their orders. Here’s a closer look at popular products that you should order now to make sure that your custom gifts are delivered in time for the holidays.


Backpack sales have been off the charts since the spring and show no sign of slowing down. From an increase in active life to an increase in travel, backpacks are essential to daily life and are an in-demand product for the holidays. It doesn’t hurt that backpacks are essentially a traveling billboard for your brand.

Custom Printed Backpacks – Pack Up Your Brand and Go

Cheeseboards, Cutting Boards, and Charcuterie Boards

Holiday parties are back and whether your holiday party is at home or the office, you can be sure there’s a need for a cutting board. From simple wood boards to boards that include slate, marble, and side dishes – there are so many options for these party must-haves and they are going fast so order while supplies are still available.

Cheese and Charcuterie Boards – Branded Boards that are a Cut Above the Rest

Holiday Ornaments

It happens every year – holiday ornaments are one the most frequently ordered holiday giveaways as soon as the weather turns colder. But this year is different. Sales of holiday ornaments were on the rise even while many were still sweating out hot temperatures. Custom printed holiday ornaments are available in a variety of styles, materials, and colors so luckily there are many options but early ordering will ensure the availability of our most popular ornaments.

Holiday Ornaments – A Festive Way to Showcase Your Logo

Retail Brands

Retail branded items are a great way to double the branding power of your holiday gifts. Pairing your brand with an established retail brand increased the perceived value of these gifts. But what’s popular in retail will mean increased interest and sales in the promotional realm so if your organization is looking to pair its brand with a retail brand – place those orders now to ensure availability. For example, Hydro Flask is now available to be printed with a custom logo. Demand is HUGE for this popular brand and they are already selling like holiday hotcakes. Other notable brands certain to be on everyone’s wish list are Moleskine, Corkcicle, CamelBack, and Cutter & Buck.

Retail Brands – Two Brands are Better than One

Cocktail Shakers and Bar Accessories

The holidays are always a time to celebrate but this year many businesses and organizations will be closing out 2022 with their first major get-together since 2019. And you can bet the cocktails will be part of most of those celebrations, parties, and events. Our most celebrated bar accessory has always been custom-printed cocktail shakers and they are already flying off the shelves in advance of the holiday season. Don’t be late to the party and get your bar accessory orders placed before it is closing time.

Cocktail Shakers and Bar Accessories – Your Logo Will be the Life of the Party

Other notable holiday planning considerations.

Popularity isn’t the only factor that can throw a wrench into your holiday gift-giving. Shipping and weather can play a major role in whether branded gifts make it to their final destination in time. Make a plan for the weather and get your orders placed in time to allow for unforeseen weather delays.

Another good idea is to take the weight of your planned holiday gifts into consideration. Placing a last-minute order for heavy products like cutting boards and recognition awards will lead to expensive rush shipping costs. Many edible gifts like popcorn and chocolate are made to ship fresh so ensure your order is placed and on the schedule to ship fresh and arrive at its tasty best. And lastly, glassware or anything breakable like ceramic mugs may require extra packaging to ensure they are delivered as intended.

Custom Corporate Gifts that Put Your Brand on the Nice List

If you’re responsible for ordering your organization’s holiday gifts, stay off the naughty list by ordering these trendy custom products while they are still available. Recipients will be impressed when they receive the most sought-after gifts in time for the holidays. And you can rest assured, your logo will shine brightly on these popular promotional products all year.

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