How Custom Awards Can Help Increase Employee Retention

What is Driving the Increased Need for Employee Appreciation?

Employee retention has become a top priority for many companies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has forced people to step away from their fast-paced routines and reflect on their lives, goals, and aspirations. One-fifth of workers, from across all industries, plan on leaving their jobs in 2022, according to one recent survey. This trend is likely to continue as employees become more aware of their own needs. In order to keep up with the changing times, companies need to rethink their approach to employee retention and a robust employee rewards program is key to this strategy. An award strategy can take many different forms, but the basic idea is to provide some type of incentive like a personalized award for employees who are doing a good job or have been with the company for many years.

What Can Custom Awards Do for Your Organization?

Employee awards and recognition programs keep employees engaged and committed to their roles. Personalized awards help employees feel recognized and valued, two key ingredients for employee engagement and retention. When workers feel like they are part of a team and that their contributions are being recognized, they are more likely to stick around. So, while the current labor market may be challenging for employers, it’s also an opportunity to evaluate how they can better support and engage their employees.

Aren’t Awards Just for Old-Timers?

Awards and recognition show your employees that you appreciate their hard work, and this can go a long way towards keeping them with your organization. Jade Glass Awards, Acrylic Awards, and Plaques have been staples of award programs for decades. But appreciation awards aren’t just for older employees. In fact, recognition matters even more to the millennial demographic too. A study of millennials reported that feeling appreciated contributes to their loyalty. Recognition awards made from cork, bamboo, or metal have a contemporary look and are a great way to show appreciation for a younger demographic.  When it comes to employee retention, a strong rewards and recognition program can be a great way to retain top talent and keep your new and tenured team members happy and engaged.

Not Every Productive Employee is Appreciated. But Every Appreciated Employee is Productive.

Regardless of the reliance on in-person or remote work, employee recognition remains an important part of company culture. In fact, employee recognition is one of the key drivers of employee retention. awards and recognition help to engage employees and foster a positive company culture. Moreover, employee recognition can help to boost morale and increase productivity. Whether you choose lapel pins, challenge coins, ribbons, or desktop achievement awards, making employees feel recognized for their hard work means they will be less likely to look for other opportunities. In the end, giving your staff personalized awards in recognition of their contributions and achievements can be a simple and effective way to improve employee retention.

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