How to Choose the Right Backpack for Your Next Promotion

Custom Printed Backpacks for Back to School, Travel, Outdoor Adventures and More

Backpacks are a fascinating product that evolved from the need to shift the weight of carrying heavy items in a single bag from one shoulder to a more comfortable and evenly positioned location on the back. Backpacks have taken many forms over the years and early versions of backpacks included metal and wooden frames. Military versions of the backpack found their way into popular culture after World War II when students realized they were a better way to carry books to and from school. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts made their own changes over the years including introducing lighter-weight fabrics like nylon and adding zippers. Today, we can’t imagine education, hiking, or travel without the existence of backpacks.

How Backpacks Carry More Than Just “Stuff”

Custom Backpacks have always been one of the most popular promotional products. They come in a large variety of styles with different features to accommodate specific needs. Whether your clients need to carry books, laptops, or clothes for travel or to the gym, there are plenty of options available that will suit their preferences. But the most important thing that promotional backpacks carry is your logo. Backpacks are a great way to showcase your business or school logo on an item that is sure to be used daily and seen in public places. You can’t go wrong with the branding power of backpacks!

Which Backpack is the Right One for Your Promotion?

With so many options, choosing the right backpack for your promotion, event, or marketing can be challenging. There’s a lot to be considered:

  • How will your branded backpack reach its recipient? Are you shipping each one to a customer or handing them out on campus or at an event?
  • Are you filling your backpacks with additional items and using them as swag bags, onboarding kits, or welcome gifts?
  • How will your customers use their backpacks – for quick trips to the store or weekend hiking adventures?
  • What is important to your customer – stylish looks or durability and functionality?

Now that you know what your marketing goal is, We’re here to help make it easy by taking a look at our 4 top-selling backpack categories plus a bonus fourth category that’s trending now. Read on to learn more….

Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpacks are the most cost-effective option in backpacks. They are lightweight making them a great option if you are looking to keep your shipping costs low. They come in a variety of materials from nylon to recycled cotton and some styles come in a huge range of colors that can easily be paired with your brand or logo. Drawstring backpacks are often used for campus orientation and welcome bags.  Drawstring sports packs can also double as laundry bags and can be packed inside of luggage and used as supplemental space when traveling.

Case study – A University used drawstring backpacks as a new student welcome kit. Each bag was printed with the school logo and contained a campus map, a flash drive, a school pennant, and a power bank.

Computer Backpacks

From school campuses to Starbucks – computer backpacks turn any location into a work zone. Their unique design includes a padded slot that iPads and laptops can fit into and be protected. Computer backpacks are an essential bag for business travelers that want to turn boarding wait time into productive work time. Computer backpacks offer a higher perceived value than drawstring backpacks and are a great recruiting gift or sales incentive. Computer backpacks are smart and offer storage space for all the essentials like cables, headphones, tablets, storage devices and more.

Case study – a company with a large remote team was looking for an employee gift to help prevent burnout from working from home. They wanted to encourage their team to work from a variety of locations so they each employee an NBN Work Anywhere Computer Backpack branded with their company logo.

Sling Bags and Backpacks

If you’re looking for a lighter-weight backpack that makes it easy to access belongings, then sling bags are a great option. They offer the ease of use that a backpack does but also offer an easy way to rotate the bag to the front so contents can be easily accessed. Or some people wear the sling bag as a crossbody bag which is a great way to ensure the safety of your personal items.

Case study – a travel agency gave Sling Shot Sling Backpacks printed with their logo and phone number to encourage a tour group to keep essential belongings in a safe place while traveling abroad. And to ensure they will remember who booked their wonderful trip the next time they travel.

Branded Backpacks

Pairing your logo with an established brand is a great way to associate your message with quality. And many outdoor enthusiasts and experienced travelers will be impressed if their branded backpack is from a trusted name like Thule, High Sierra, JanSport, or Basecamp.  High-perceived value backpacks are great as recruitment giveaways or onboarding gifts for new hires. When it comes to quality backpacks – more than one logo is a good thing for your business!

Case study – a law firm trying to recruit top talent sent the Thule Stravan Computer Backpacks to applicants in advance of their interview.

Cooler Backpacks

The hottest new trend in Backpacks is Cooler Backpacks. These multitasking bags are absolutely essential for music festivals, day hikes, and all sorts of outdoor adventures. Designed to keep your items cold with ample space for storage, cooler backpacks are the fastest growing trend in backpacks. They keep food and beverages cool and your hands-free for fun and action. Custom printed cooler backs are perfect for outdoor promotions and make great event souvenirs.

Case study – a beverage company that was debuting a new product at a tradeshow used the Excursion 20 Can Recycled Backpack Cooler to drive traffic to their booth by offering them as a free giveaway to the first 100 people to visit their booth.

Pack Up Properly for Your Next Promotion

Backpacks offer high visibility wherever your customers go and are a great reusable option that will surely be used repeatedly throughout the years. With many styles and colors available, there’s one to suit everyone’s purpose whether it be for travel, work, school, or outdoor adventures. Our experience has served over 100,000 customers and our dedicated team of account managers and designers are ready to help. Get in touch with us today to elevate your back to school marketing campaign!

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