Promotional Products for the Ultimate Music Festival Experience

From Coachella to Lollapalooza and everything in between – music festivals are back in a big way this year and fans are flocking to them in record numbers. Live events of all types and sizes took a break over the past few years leaving fans longing for the experience of gathering to hear music and congregating with people with the same passion for music.

And music festivals aren’t about the music with many adding experiences and artistic performances above and beyond just music. But ultimately, music festivals are a great opportunity for fans to gather, kick back, and hear their favorite music in an environment that is safe and fan-friendly. Music festivals also offer an incredible opportunity to promote anything from the artists at the event to businesses in and outside of the music industry.

You Can’t Have a Music Festival Without These Printed Essentials.

Music Festivals offer a wide range of promotional opportunities from branded food service items to signs and banners and of course t-shirts and apparel. Barricades and wristbands are also important for managing crowds and event tents and table covers create awareness and protection for vendors. There are many branding opportunities for sponsorship managers, event planners, and brand strategists looking to maximize awareness using event logistics as their platform. Attendees will no doubt see this type of branding as they navigate their way around the festival but another and very impactful way to create a presence for your brand is by providing branded products that enhance attendees’ experience and increase their comfort level. The most sought-after promotional items that music fans are eager to get their hands on are products that make the music festival experience more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

Here’s a look at our top picks for custom printed products that ensure festival attendees have a positive association with your brand.

Printed Promotions that Beat the Heat!

If you’ve ever attended ACL in Austin in the summertime, you know how hot it can be at a music festival. Portable fans, paper hand fans, and cooling towels are great ways to create a positive association for your business or brand while keeping fans cool and happy. Cooling towels and printed hand fans offer a generous imprint area ensuring both the user and the people around them see your printed message. Portable personal fans offer more cooling power and are likely to be kept and used again.

Products that Promote and Protect

Attending an outdoor music festival means lots of sun exposure and maybe even rain. There are lots of promotional products available that provide protection from the elements while featuring your business or service. Sunscreen is a must-have for festival-goers and if the weather turns rainy, fans will be grateful to any business that provides them with a rain poncho. Other promotional staples for outdoor events include lip balm, bug repellent, and hand sanitizers. Many of these products come with carabiners or clips making them easy to attach to bags and backpacks.

Thirst-Quenching Branded Bottles

Since most music festivals are in the summer, hydration is essential for concertgoers. Festival favorites include bottles that can be attached to bags and backpacks like these Elemental Water Bottles that include a removable strap making it easy to attach to any bag or backpack. Wide mouth bottles with a handy carry strap also ensure easy portability for water and beverages. One of the latest trends in festival gear is collapsible drinkware and foldable bottles which are great for small spaces and are easy to store.

Sit in the Comfort Zone

Hardcore festival fans spend days listening to their favorite bands and some go as far as waiting in line for hours. Custom printed beach towels, blankets, and lawn chairs are great giveaways or vendor retail items that will get your brand lots of visibility. Sun shelters and umbrellas offer an upgraded level of comfort and protection from the sun. For loyal followers and dedicated concert-goers, these promotional items will not only keep you safe from the elements – they’ll allow you to be more comfortable while you’re out there waiting for a show to start.

Branding that Doesn’t Fade when the Music is Over.

A lot goes into making a festival an experience to remember. Pairing your brand, design, or message with festival promotions is a smart marketing plan for reaching new customers or for creating awareness. Music festivals offer so many branding opportunities it can be hard to know where to start. Bags for Bonnaroo? Caps for Coachella? Or heart-shaped hand fans for the iHeart Radio festival? We have live event promotions that will rock your customers. Our dedicated team has numerous years of experience with promotional marketing materials and will work with you every step of the way to ensure your marketing campaign is a success.

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