Custom Wallets for Valuable Branding

A popular commercial used to ask “What’s in your wallet?” but perhaps the better ask is “What’s on your wallet?”. Wallets are an everyday staple and just about every person in every age group and lifestyle carries something that holds their important things. Phones, drivers’ licenses, credit cards, loyalty cards, and even photos and mementos – everyone needs a way to store and keep important things in their purses, bags, or in their hands. Custom printed wallets are a great opportunity to provide customers, clients, and employees with something they need and use daily that features an ideal location for your branded message.

Custom wallets might make one think about the leather wallet their dad or grandfather used to carry – and those are still very popular with financial institutions, golf tournaments, and retail. But wallets have taken on a new look and expanded functionality that speaks to many industries and applications.

Custom Printed Phone Wallets

83.72% of the world’s population owns a smartphone.

Custom printed phone wallets burst into the promotional world a few years ago and have become one of the most popular promotional products we offer. Phone wallets and I.D. holders are lightweight and easy to ship and provide great visibility for an imprint. Silicone smartphone wallets are the most popular and popular brands like PopSockets(TM) found clever ways to incorporate phone holders and stands into the design.

Custom Shoe Wallets

From dog walking to marathons – shoe wallets keep important items like identification cards, keys, credit cards, and cash safely stowed while on the move. They’re a great promotional giveaway for gyms and fitness programs. Some travelers and festival attendees use shoe wallets as an extra precaution against being pickpocketed when in large crowds.

Travel Wallets and Passport Holders with your Custom Logo

AirDNA data said the booking pace for travel is 49% higher than this time last year.

Travel is back and people are hitting the road and the skies. Custom travel wallets come in a variety of styles with a variety of options – even eco-friendly options. Some travel wallets include RFID protection ensuring credit cards and data are kept safe. For budget-conscious promotions – economy passport wallets are a low-cost option for covering passports at a low cost.

Wallets You Can’t Lose

For some people, keeping a wallet close at hand means more than having it in their purse or pocket. Some custom wallets are available with wrist straps or carabiners to ensure important items are never lost. Heathered wrist wallets offer a stylish way to hold on to your wallet. And these budget-friendly carabiner wallets can be easily clipped onto gym bags and backpacks. Neck wallets are a classic way to keep id cards, cash, and credit cards close and can be hidden under a shirt or jacket.

Custom Printed Wallets Are a Safe Way to Promote Your Business or Message

Whether your customers are just out and about in their own towns or traveling abroad – you can help make sure they enjoy their next adventure safely and securely by providing them with a custom wallet showcasing your custom logo or design. Our selection of wallets cut out the bulk and hold only what you need without weighing you down while showcasing your brand at the same time. From passport cases to shoe wallets and badge holders, we’ve got you covered! We have over two decades of experience in the promotional product industry and are dedicated to providing new and existing clients the absolute best experience.

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