Get the Attention of Your Customers with Branded Focus Toys

It’s a crazy and chaotic world. Now more than ever, finding focus during the day is no easy challenge. Whether your customers are striving to create work-life balance while working from home, commuting to and from their workplace, or just generally distracted by news and noise from the outside world – focus can be hard to find. A great way for organizations to help their teams work effectively is by providing tools that help create a productive and pleasant workplace. Branded focus toys and tools are perfect for those moments when the mind is going in a million directions. Simply grasping a nearby focus toy can be just the trick for getting thoughts back on track.  Focus toys can also relieve stress by simply providing a short and satisfying tactile experience. Having something on a desktop that is ready and available for these moments, is a great way to ensure your team stays focused. And since these items are likely to reside on a desktop and be seen daily – why not include your brand or print a supportive message?

What Do Focus Toys Do?

Focus toys improve learning by allowing the brain to filter out extra sensory information, pay attention, and actively listen. When the mind is focused on a mental task but the hands are busy, the brain kicks it up a notch and works harder and more effectively. Fidget and focus toys can also improve coordination, fine motor skills, and enhance dexterity.

What are Focus Toys?

Fidget spinners are usually the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning focus toys. They hit the heights of popularity a few years ago and became the must-have item for all ages. Children and teenagers brought them to school to use, trade, or sell, and from there, these handy distraction devices increased in popularity to the point where adults couldn’t resist them.

But long before fidget spinners, stress relievers were the go-to for soothing fidgety fingers and over-stimulated minds. They are still very popular for businesses looking for a low-cost and highly visible promotional item. Stress relievers are available in virtually every shape you can imagine so pairing your branding or message is easy.

Even before fidget spinners and stress relievers, busy workers eased stress simply by clicking their pens or snapping rubber bands. Luckily, there are so many cool options for kids and adults alike. Bubble poppers, slime, and moldable clay have become the go-to products to keep those feelings of boredom, restlessness, or panic at bay during the workday.

Push Pop Bubble Toys

These sensory stimulation products provide satisfying tactile engagement and are sure to get your brand noticed. Push pop bubble toys come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes to match your branding while keeping fingers busy. These bubble toys are great for easy brand recognition because of their portability and convenience while out and about.

Slime, Putty, and Molding Clay

Shape, create and focus with these unique products that provide a super satisfying sensory experience. Offer your clients something to keep their focus with scented putties, moldable clays, and even fart slime. And yes, Fart Slime is a thing.

Desktop Focus Products

These classy desktop products offer outstanding branding power while soothing and inspiring minds. They conveniently are within reach during your workday and are great for a quick distraction. Stack up some stones while waiting on a meeting or calm your mind by coloring.

What Focus Toys Can Do for Your Business?

Whether you choose a custom printed push pop product or a classic fidget spinner, you can rely on your logo is being seen repeatedly throughout the day on an item your customers and employees will appreciate. These effective tools show that your business understands that everyone benefits from a little help to keep busy minds active and focused. They’re an excellent promotional item for onboarding, giveaways, gift giving, and more while also making your employee’s day at work productive. We’ve worked in the promotional product industry for over two decades and are ready to help elevate your next marketing campaign. Contact us to get started and help strengthen your brand’s presence!

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