Tried and True Promotional Products That Weather Any Economic Storm

2021 has been an extraordinary year for the Promotional Product Industry as well as many other industries. There has been incredible growth and incredible challenges. We all got used to terms like “Supply Chain Issues” and “Shipping Delays”, but this robust industry has and will continue to rebound as it always does when global challenges arise. Businesses will always need to grow and bring attention to their brand or service and promotional products will always be part of that business strategy. Certain promotional products are ordered consistently no matter how stormy the current economic climate is.

Here’s a look at our top 5 picks for tried and true promotional products that deliver results rain or shine. Three of which you are likely familiar with, but the last two may surprise you.


Printed bags have always been an essential product that provides excellent brand awareness while doubling as a useful product that customers appreciate receiving. Whether making a masked trip to the grocery store or getting groceries delivered, bags held their sales and value.

Contact-free shopping and contact-free food delivery boosted sales for this already robust category with many restaurants expanding curbside pick up and home delivery services. Smart restaurants and businesses capitalized on this trend by sending their customers home with branded bags to ensure no one forgets their business name. Square kraft bags were the break-out hit of all the kraft bags since they are great at accommodating food service items and to-go food containers. Big names like UberEats and DoorDash made the insulated tote bag a staple of their delivery model proving they could get a hot meal delivered in record time.

From plastic bags to paper bags and from cotton totes to insulated totes, printed bags deliver on quality, usefulness, and branding power. They provide a large imprint area and high visibility in and beyond the store.

Custom Printed Drinkware

No matter what season it is or what is happening in the world or economy, drinkware never loses its promotional edge. While drinkware styles, materials and colors may come and go, drinkware is always the right choice for promoting a business, recruiting new hires or students, or showing appreciation for hard-working employees. Whether it’s a coffee cup, plastic disposable cup, stainless water bottle, or tumblers and travel mugs – drinkware is part of everyone’s everyday life and is a highly visible product that showcases your logo. Drinkware is never unneeded and therefore, survives and thrives as one of the top promotional product categories no matter what.

The thriving food delivery business drove a lot of the drinkware sales this past year as the need for disposable paper cups and plastic disposable cups was very high. But classic favorites like ceramic coffee mugs saw a growth in sales likely due to the number of people now working from home.

Those that found their activity level more sedentary than usual made strides to increase movement and burn more calories. Walks for causes, sporting events, gyms and sports clubs all have a need for custom printed water bottles to promote their business while also quenching customers’ thirsts.

Promoting your brand with drinkware is a no-brainer for several reasons. They’re portable, come in different sizes and colors, and they’re a very convenient way to get your logo seen by many. Travelling, vacationing, at the gym, in the office, and pretty much anywhere you can think of are all places that people will notice your drinkware of choice.

Printed Tech Gifts

While the products themselves may change over the years, custom Technology Gifts hold their promotional value regardless of ebbs and flows in the economy. Phone chargers and power banks are essential items everyone needs and use daily. Selfie lights and video lights became an essential part of staying connected both personally and professionally.

Cell phone stands and media device holders ensure that remote workers stay in contact with their teams while providing great desk top branding. And although they are not necessarily “essential”, speakers and earbuds were relied on by organizations looking for a way to turn up the volume and increase brand awareness.

Technology will continue to evolve and become part of daily lives in ways we haven’t yet imagined. So while the products may come and go, printed technology products will continue to thrive as a best-bet for your marketing dollars.

Pet Themed Promotional Products

People love their pets, and with 90 million families owning a pet, savvy marketers have always turned to promotional pet products as a reliable way to get their brand seen on a regular basis. Pet boarding businesses and veterinary benefit from the brand awareness that products like leashes and collars and grooming supplies provide. But non-pet-themed businesses can benefit by adding their business logo to products like pet waste bag dispensers and dog toys. Dog and cat promotional products have always been a great way for organizations to connect with employees and clients and continues to be one of the most reliable segments of the promotional product industry.

Promotional Giveaways for the Kitchen

Over the years, product trends come and go but promotional kitchen items like printed spatulas, measuring cups, jar openers, and bottle openers are always a go-to for organizations seeking low-cost promotional products with high daily use and visibility. These small lightweight products are must haves for tradeshow giveaways. People always need kitchen basics and adding your logo to these products ensures that recipients will keep and use these items in their homes.

Smart Marketing for Any and All Circumstances

Keeping your marketing and advertising on track when the economy throws you curve balls can be challenging but there’s no storm that promotional products can’t get through. This industry is filled with amazing products that are useful, memorable and drive awareness to your brand or service. PrintGlobe has been in business to 25+ years and has seen many challenges come and go. While supply chain issues and supply shortages in 2021 appeared, we weathered the storm and will continue to do so as we move forward into a brand new year. We take pride in creating custom printed products for our clients and are excited to work with you in 2022!

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