Branded Gifts That Create Cozy Holiday Vibes

The holidays are coming and many people will be gathering to celebrate them for the first time in over a year. Now more than ever – people will appreciate having guests and family in their homes or will be traveling to spend time with friends and family in their homes. In most cases, a home will be at the heart of the gathering.

According to House Beautiful –

Christmas 2021 will inspire feelings of hope and happiness more than ever before, with households planning to put on a truly festive display throughout the home.”

Trending this season – branded gifts that make homes feel merry and bright.

Why should your business pay attention to this trend? Because gifts that are used in the home deliver powerful branding power. Even before COVID, branded gifts for the home ensured multiple daily impressions of a custom logo. Now add the percentage of the population that has been and will be continuing to work from home and business have an even greater case for home focused marketing and branding.

Custom branded holiday gifts have always been a great way for businesses and organizations to show appreciation for their employees and clients as the year ends. Popular end of year gifts has always been gifts like chocolates, gift sets, and journals. And those are still great choices but this year we anticipate a trend towards gifts that make the home feel cozy and make the holidays more festive. 

So read on to see our tops picks for custom promo products that make the holidays and homes more merry and bright.

Custom Blankets

You can’t go wrong with custom printed blankets. You can count on them being appreciated and used for years to come. Blankets turn the couch into a nap spot and keep feet warm while watching football games and holiday movies. Plaid Fleece Blankets are a great budget friendly option or spoil your employees with Oversized Sherpa Blankets embroidered with your custom logo. New this year are the Slowtide Camp Blankets made from recycled water bottles. Show your employees and clients that your business cares about the planet by giving sustainable gifts like these blankets.

Blankets are available in a wide variety of fabrics and sizes. They are a useful and decorative gift that adds a touch of warmth and coziness while showcasing your logo. They are perfect for employee appreciation gifts, house warming gifts, or as an incentive prize.

Custom Printed Candles

Another popular holiday gift that literally warms up a room is candles. Candles have been always been a part of holiday decorating whether on the tree, mantle, or tabletop – candles provide a festive feeling while showcasing your brand. Candles are also handy should the winter weather bring storms or power outages. Giving candles as a custom printed holiday gift is a great way to offer your customers and clients a comforting option to light their spaces up with.

There are so many options for custom candles. Decorative looking candles include Soy Candles with Bamboo Lid as a great eco-friendly option. A more unique option is our Scented Rectangular Candles in a Copper Tin.

New to our collection this year are these National Park themed candles: Rainier National Park Candles and Zion National Park Candles. Both include a nostalgic printed label with room on the lid for custom engraving your logo or holiday message.

If safety is a concern, LED Pillar Candles are a beautiful way to create an illuminated gift that literally lights up your logo but without the flame. Looking for a printed candle for your Menorah? These LED Candlesticks are a safe alternative instead of an open flame, are long-lasting, and won’t melt. No matter which candles you choose, recipients will love having another item to add to their holiday festivities.

Ornaments with Your Custom Holiday Message

A great way to help your employees and clients create a festive display in their home is with custom printed holiday ornaments.

Ornaments are available in a wide variety of materials giving your business many surface options for adding your logo or holiday message. Ornaments can be used in the traditional way by adding them to Christmas trees but they are also great as a part of a table top decoration or centerpiece.

Ornaments are one of the most ordered holiday promotional products and popular styles often sellout quickly so don’t wait until the last minute to order or your options may be limited. A year-after-year favorites include Joyful Tree Ornaments and Holiday Bell Ornaments. Or consider something unique and sustainable like these Plantable Ornament Gift Tags that can be added to Christmas trees or to Christmas gifts. Shatter Resistant Ornaments offer a lightweight and easy to ship option at a great price point. Mini Campfire Mug Ornaments and Bark Edge Hardwood Ornaments are a great way to create a rustic look for your holiday décor.

Customers love to collect Christmas ornaments so you can be assured that your holiday message or custom design will be seen year after year.

Make Sure Your Brand is Home for the Holidays

While holiday décor trends may change over time, being at home with friends and family never goes out of style. Your business can take part in the holiday tradition by giving your clients and employees gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Whether you choose candles, blankets, or ornaments or something from our vast collection of branded corporate gifts, we’re here to help you have the merriest of holidays.

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