Stay Ahead of the Class with Back to School August Promos to Buy in July

With no national holidays in August, back to school promotions are a great choice for where to focus your marketing efforts in July. Whether online, on campus in the classroom, or homeschooled, back to school will be a big deal this year. Now that we’ve experienced school life during a pandemic and are used to new procedures, it’s a great time to focus on educational promotions.

Adjusting to the 2020-2021 school year was a new and unique experience for students, parents, teachers and faculty members. Overcoming obstacles with remote learning, in-person learning, and getting into the groove of a major adjustment caused many families to change their lifestyle to support what’s best for school systems everywhere. Never before have we seen anything like this, with groups of students returning every other day as well as remote learning students remaining at home. New procedures included teachers rearranging the layout of their classrooms for social distancing, temperature checks before entering the building and mandatory masks for everyone. Many of these challenges have been conquered and some new procedures will remain in place in the coming school year, but as always, Back to School opens many new opportunities for marketing your message.

From recruiting new college freshmen with new student welcome packages that include brochures, folders, notebooks, and planners to spirit products that celebrate team wins – we’ve got your Back to School promotions covered! Read on to learn more.

Welcome New and Returning Students

Boost school spirit and welcome new and returning students with promotional product giveaways and fundraisers that include items with school colors, logos, mascots and more. Load up drawstring bags with custom printed notebooks, power banks, water bottles and more to ensure everyone’s prepared for their return to school.

Keep Campus Activities Organized

With many schools returning to on-site classes, printed signage is a great way to keep events and campus activities organized. Schools can partner with local businesses to double the branding power. Set up an event tent and hand out pamphlets or folders and place custom printed floor decals to enforce social distancing to follow suggested safety precautions.

Turn Students into Customers

New students mean potential new customers for local businesses. Get on-campus visibility for your business with these custom printed products that can also be co-branded to include both your school logo plus a business, like a pizza parlor logo. Useful tools like pizza cutters, laundry bags and magnet clips can go a long way and effortlessly advertise your brand.

Noteworthy Novelty Dates in August that will Make Your Marketing Pop!

August 6th is 26th National Dog Day

Make it simple for your customers or employees to spoil their dogs on August 6th with our assortment of branded dog-friendly products. They’re a great way to show your logo off at dog parks, apartment complexes, condo communities or at outdoor events! Convenient trash bag containers that attach onto leashes are a great promo gift for dog owners along with delicious custom printed dog treats after a fun game of frisbee.

August 6th is International Beer Day

While many need no excuse to celebrate beer, August 6th is International Beer Day. Beer glasses are a simple, tried and true way to ensure your logo is in view when glasses are being raised. Raise a toast to celebrate events like weddings, graduations, birthdays and more.

August Health and Awareness Dates

August 1 is World Lung Cancer Day

Observe World Lung Cancer Day with these custom medical promotional items. Magnets with your message and lung shaped stress relievers make great giveaway items for businesses in the healthcare industry.

August is National Eye Exam Month

Your eyes play a vital role in overall health. Keep your eyes in good shape with the help of blue light blocking computer glasses and keep the light out while sleeping with custom printed sleep masks.

PrintGlobe is Ready to Help You Get Back to School

While August may be short on holidays, it’s not short on opportunities to grow your business, expand your brand, and creatively reach your customers. After an interesting year of unknowns, we can provide you with the promotional tools needed to get into the swing of things for the upcoming school year. Prep your new or returning students with our wide variety of Back to School products. With over 20 years of experience in the promotional marketing industry, we can help you elevate your marketing strategy and we look forward to helping you succeed!

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