Unforgettable Real Estate Gifts and Giveaways to Help You Stand Out

Unique Real Estate Promotions

Competition is fierce in the real estate industry and the housing market is blowing through the roof. With tight supply and strong demand, sellers currently have their advantages. Low mortgage interest rates are causing buyers to frantically close on a new home or property while they can before prices inflate. Sellers are also having better luck with getting their home sold quickly at a great price — and in some cases, over asking price. Opportunities for investors to buy properties to create additional income are also very favorable at this time. It’s prime time for buying and selling homes or rental properties and getting yourself known is critical.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, mortgage broker or home repair service, standing out as in a competitive industry is tough enough as it is. With the added real estate boom, creating a reputation is even more difficult. Door hangers, yard signs, business cards and pens are must-haves for anyone in the real estate industry, but sometimes that may not be enough to stand out amongst others in a sea of realtors. We’ve selectively chosen attention catching real estate gifts and giveaways that are sure to create lasting relationships with clients and make you unforgettable.

Our top picks for Unique Real Estate Promotions:

Swed-ish Dishcloths

These dishcloths are super versatile that all homeowners will find extremely useful. They’re eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable and include features from a sponge and paper towel! Save on paper towels and reduce consumption with this custom printed quick-drying kitchen necessity.

Pet Trash Bag Containers

Don’t forget about homeowners and renters that have pets! These printed bone shaped pet trash bag containers are a convenient way to keep areas clean while out on a stroll in the neighborhood. An absolute must have for rental properties, apartment complexes and condo communities.

House Shaped Cookie Cutters

What better way to welcome new potential clients at a showing than with a batch of cookies? Not only does the cutter have space for your custom printed info, there is also a sugar recipe card with space for it, too!

Sproutscape Mini Garden Kits

Grow new life into a buyer’s home with these miniature desktop gardens with room for your printed message! Full color kit includes everything needed to get started with growing edible broccoli while showing your custom printed message on your choice of pop-up displays.

Hose Nozzles

Watering plants and spraying things clean are not a problem with the help of printed hose nozzles. It’s also useful for cleaning cars, pet baths and keeping your lawn looking its best.

Neoprene Wine Bottle Holders

Gift your client with their favorite bottle of red or white wine inside these custom printed wine bottle holders. They’ll love the insulation that the holders provide and you’ll love the way it promotes you!

House Shaped Hot/Cold Packs

For a portable real estate marketing option, consider a reusable hot and cold pack that relieves minor aches and pains. With your printed logo displayed, you’ll stay on your client’s mind when they reach for these packs to ease the headaches that come along with moving!

Campfire Stoneware Ceramic Bowls

For a practical and universal gift, these stoneware ceramic bowls are perfect for all types of clients. Fill these bowls up with snacks at an open house or gift to new home owners to leave a lasting impression with your custom printed message.

Real Estate Marketing to Help Reach Your Goals

2021 is the start of new beginnings and experiences for families after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Generating sales and lasting relationships is the goal for success in this industry and now is the time to elevate your promotional marketing strategy. People generally move more than once in their lifetime and having a solid plan with real estate gifts will help you get noticed and remembered. Our selection of real estate marketing products can help you get noticed, and our team is excited to work with you to make your marketing campaign a success!

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