Turn Work from Home into Workout from Home with Fitness Giveaways

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Encourage your workforce to stay healthy in the new year with custom printed fitness products and accessories from PrintGlobe.

Fitness is usually on peoples’ minds after the holidays and into the new year, but fitness goals in 2021 may be harder for some to achieve with less access to gyms or group exercise classes. Help support your team’s fitness goals by providing branded products that enable them to workout at home or in the great outdoors.

Show your work-from-home employees that you care about their physical and mental wellbeing by sending them a gift box of custom printed exercise equipment and accessories that will motivate them into the new year. Help your team maximize their home space with fitness tools that keep them physically fit.


Yoga is great for the body but also creates a calm and more focused mind. Whether in the morning, while on lunch break or after work, yoga workouts provide an outlet for your employees to breathe deep and clear their minds of the day’s various stresses, work-related or otherwise.

Yoga Mats are fundamental to any yoga practice and offer a large imprint area. Yoga mat towels add an extra layer of comfort and protection and are especially helpful if your yoga workout is particularly sweaty. Many are using parks and other outdoor spaces for their yoga practice and tote bags are a great way to get outdoor visibility for your brand name and logo.

Hit the trails

Whether on foot or bike, now is the perfect time to take your workout outdoors and hit up your favorite hiking trail or go discover a new one. Whether hiking or biking, make sure your team stays properly fueled and hydrated with custom printed backpacks, waist packs and hydration packs imprinted with your company logo or branding.

And don’t forget trail safety! Headlights and lamps for your trail bike make sure that the trail remains visible and that riders remain visible to others.

At-Home Workout Equipment

Fitness experts recommend keeping your home workout equipment simple and having minimal workout tools. Not everybody needs to spring for a Peloton bike or an expensive virtual personal trainer. A simple jump rope and some stretching bands may be all your team needs for some simple cardio and resistance training.

Other simple workout equipment that can keep your home routine from becoming too complicated includes hand grip exercisers and a set of lightweight cardio weights.


After a quality workout, don’t forget the cooldown period so your heart rate and body can return to normal. Target sore muscles with hot/cold packs and pressure point massage kits.

Cooling towels can also be a real help for your cooldown period. The towels absorb water and sweat and recirculate the molecules to regulate the rate of evaporation for an almost instant cooling effect. Make sure your workout incorporates this cutting edge cooling technology.

New Year, New You

Custom printed workout equipment associates your brand with strength and wellness and shows your employees and clients that you care about their wellness. Don’t miss the opportunity to encourage your team in the new year, and you will surely receive positive results all year long.

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