10 Unique Branded Gift Ideas to Help Your Business Stand Out

It’s safe to say there was nothing ordinary about this year, so why wrap it up by choosing ordinary branded holiday gifts? Whether your business survived or thrived in 2020, corporate gifts are a great way to show your customers just how much you appreciate their loyalty throughout all the craziness. And with these distinctive ideas, you can make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. 

While other brands give gifts that customers have seen time and time again, we can help you find a product that’s perfectly suited for your business that your customers never knew they needed! Distinctive gifts are not only more memorable, but clients and customers are also more likely to keep them around and on display. Especially when so many of these items are perfect all year round! And with items for every price point, you’re sure to find the right gift to fit your company’s personality and budget. 

Aurora Pour Over Coffee Sets

With so many of your customers — and maybe even your employees — working remotely for the past few months, preparing a great cup of coffee at home is essential. With these thoughtful pour over sets, you can give a gift that’s sure to get exposure every single morning. 

Mini Record Coasters

Show how much your business rocks with these unique coasters! It’s a cheerful gift that’s perfect for getting your logo on every surface in customers’ homes. 

Dinosaur Planters

Dinosaurs might be extinct, but our love for them certainly lives on. These fun Dino planters, complete with seeded soil, are a great way to add a little life (and your logo) to customers’ desks or workspaces. 

Scented Copper Rectangular Candles

In a unique and eye-catching rectangular tin, these candles are a perfect way to send a warm holiday message to all of your customers and clients. 

Plant-Powered Must Haves Gift Set

Environmentally friendly and mouth watering, these gift sets are perfect for the eco-conscious consumer! Each meal set is packaged in a sustainable bamboo tote bag. 

Tiki Shot Glasses

Melt away the winter blues with a tiki themed gift! Plus, it’s practical — shot glasses are just what we all need to get through the stress of the holiday season. 

Ice Cream Pint Sleeves

Speaking of practical, these ice cream sleeves are a gift everyone can use! It helps your customers save a bowl and keep their hands warm in the process. 

Hangover Recovery Kits

Give a gift that’s both funny and helpful with hangover recovery kits. With the way this year has been, your customers are sure to need them. 

Cake in a Card

Your customers get plenty of holiday cards every year. But holiday cards with CAKE in them? That’s something they’ll remember! 

Adult Paint Sets and Coffee Mug – Holiday Themes

Give the gift of entertainment with adult paint sets. With so many people staying home this holiday season, your customers will appreciate them now more than ever before. 

PrintGlobe Helps You Think Outside the Box

Finding holiday gift ideas that break away from the ordinary is the perfect way for your business to send this crazy year out with a bang. Check out all of our unique holiday gift ideas, along with our tried-and-true corporate gift and premium gift selections, to find the right holiday gift to represent your brand.

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