Promotional Products for the Eight Nights of Hanukkah

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“Happy Holidays” may be a great catch-all when you are sending out your holiday promotions, cards and customer appreciation gifts. But if you want demonstrate that you truly know your customers and want to get more specific than just “Seasons Greetings,” wishing your Jewish clients a “Happy Hanukkah” can go a long way in solidifying future business deals and relationships. For 2020, Hanukkah runs from the evening of December 10 through the evening of December 18.

The eight nights of Hanukkah present a wonderful opportunity to let your customers and employees know how much you value their business. Whether you are Fortune 500 company or a family-owned and operated small business, PrintGlobe features fun and thoughtful Hanukkah promotional gifts at just the right price point for your company’s budget! Hanukkah promotional products allow you to celebrate with your clients as well as provide branding opportunities beyond the holidays.

1. Pop-Out Hanukkah Magnets

A Menorah, the Star of David and a Dreidel are Hanukkah-themed magnets in this set along with your custom printed logo and organization’s information.

2. Menorah-themed Bubbles

Labeled with your full-color logo and Menorah artwork, bubbles make any celebration more festive.

3. Star of David Lip Balm

Don’t let dry chapped lips get in the way of your Hanukkah celebration. Stock up on these lip balms imprinted with the Star of David for a promotional gift your guests will surely keep around for repeated use.

4. Star of David Sunglasses

Perfect for a Hanukkah gift, these fun sunglasses will be worn all year long for other Jewish celebrations and religious events.

5. LED Candlesticks

Save the matches and messy candles and bring your Menorah into the modern age with LED candlesticks.

6. Plantable Star of David Ornament

As explained in the insert card, these Star of David ornaments are made from biodegradable paper and embedded with seeds, so when they’re planted, the paper will dissolves and flowers grow.

7. Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins custom printed with your Hanukkah message and organization’s logo are the perfect way to thank guests this season with a sweet treat. 

8. Star of David Bookmarks

Give your Hanukkah guests a keepsake they can take home with them with these Star of David bookmarks that can be imprinted with your holiday message and organization’s logo.

Celebrate Hanukkah with Your Friends at PrintGlobe

So whether you need eight gifts or just one, PrintGlobe has got the variety you need to make your Hanukkah celebration special. We can help with all your Christmas and holiday promotions no matter which holiday you celebrate. And we feature a wide selection of luxurious corporate gifts that can help you ring in the new year by truly saying thank you to your most important clients.

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