10 Products That Put the Fun in Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising

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Believe it or not, even though it feels like April just happened yesterday, fall is officially here. Which means Breast Cancer Awareness Month is just around the corner. Every October thousands of organizations are included in a month-long annual campaign to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness, research and education. Each year, Susan G. Komen and other organizations set up events, walkathons, races and other fundraisers for the cause. And pink swag is a huge part of the branding and promotion for these non-profits and their sponsors.

While breast cancer awareness bags, tumblers and pens are tried and true, go-to items for fundraising, we also offer several new and different ideas for your campaigns this year. Here are 10 of our favorite attention-grabbing gifts and giveaways to help your organization raise funds, awareness and spirits.

1. Pink Cat Ears Headbands

With your logo on each of these light-up cat ears, these headbands make fun and memorable handouts that let your message shine. Plus, they’re sure to make it into customers’ selfies, creating more visibility for your brand online.

2. Pink Selfie Rings Lights

Speaking of selfies, these fun and useful ring lights make great promotions for social media savvy customers while promoting a worthy cause on their phones and laptops. And they’re not just good for selfies — these giveaways can help customers achieve the perfect lighting for every zoom call.

3. Plantable Paper Pink Bra Gift Packs

Not only are these bra shaped plantable papers an eye-catching way to raise awareness, but they’re also good for the environment! Perfect as solo handouts or as an addition to any pink themed swag bag.

4. Pink Vintage Hotel/Motel Keychains

Another good addition to any gift bag, these keychains have a cool, vintage look which makes them one of our most popular promotional items. Simple and effective giveaways that follow your customers wherever they go.

5. Pink Face Masks – 3 Layer

Perfect for keeping your customers safe, these pink face masks make great breast cancer awareness promotions, letting your customers show off your message right on their face. They’re especially good handouts for in-person fundraisers and events.

6. Pink First Aid Kits

Another great safety promotion, these pink first aid kits promote breast health while keeping your customers and clients prepared for emergencies. They also fit nicely in backpacks and gift bags!

7. Pink Flat Bill Trucker Caps

These caps are the perfect way to make sure you get more eyes on your message! They come in an attention-grabbing shade of pink and are sure to be a fan favorite among donors and customers.

8. Awareness Ribbon Smart Phone Wallets

Since everyone has a smart phone, these phone wallets make useful giveaways for your customers and allow them to raise breast cancer awareness right on the back of their phones.

9. Pink Ribbon Sunglasses

These eye catching pink ribbon shaped sunglasses make great giveaways, especially for virtual fundraisers and events this year. Whether it’s an online video chat or joining a movement by using a hashtag, these sunglasses are sure to make your message stand out.

10. Eyelash Glasses

Another good addition to virtual events, these eyelash glasses make fun props for getting more eyes on your logo or message. Goofy products like these are great for lifting spirits while you raise awareness for your cause.

PrintGlobe Helps You Raise Awareness

Here at PrintGlobe, we know the importance of breast cancer awareness lasts for more than one month of the year. For many organizations and non-profits, these promotions are a 24/7 effort. And we can help you raise awareness for more than just this — no matter what cause you fight for, we have the products to help you spread the message. Check out our full selection of awareness promotions, or contact an account manager today!

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