Halloween Promotions for a Spooky (But Safe) Celebration

Whether you’re looking for the safest way to celebrate in your community or making plans for at-home fun, 2020 is sure to be a unique year for Halloween festivities. But unique celebrations mean unique promotional opportunities for your business! PrintGlobe has Halloween promotions to make sure every customer can have a safe yet festive celebration. Read on to discover some unique ideas for the holiday and how you can use it to gain exposure for your business.

Halloween at Home: Quarantine-O-Ween

Thanks to technology, there are tons of ways we can get into the Halloween spirit from the safety of our homes! One idea that’s been trending in preparation for the holiday is Quarantine-O-Ween. Simply put, this is a virtual celebration, including costumes and home decorations, which your customers will share with their colleagues and friends online. Coworkers or groups of friends can have costume contests or compare jack-o-lanterns and decorations with each other on Zoom calls or on social media using the hashtag #quarantineoween. It’s great for team building, and for promoting! By providing customers with branded hats and masks, you can make sure your logo gets tons of exposure online as these celebrations go viral. Plus you can encourage clients or employees to participate while getting your logo into their hands with tech items like selfie sticks and ring lights. Not only does it get your logo into customers’ homes, but it’s also perfect for showing that your business is current and stays on top of the latest trends.

Fun from a Social Distance: Trunk or Treats & Reverse Trick or Treating

While safety is on everyone’s mind at the moment, for some customers (particularly families with children) having a virtual celebration isn’t the best option. Thankfully, there are a few creative ways which communities can be involved in Halloween festivities while practicing safe social distancing and/or staying within small social circles. One of those is a classic Trunk or Treat gathering. This actually isn’t a new idea — schools, churches and other organizations have been hosting trunk-or-treats for many years now. The idea is to get cars in a parking lot positioned with their trunks open, revealing fun decorations, handouts, candy and more. And many neighborhoods are mixing it up this year, having these setups parked in their driveways with an adult handing out candy and nicknacks to the kids who pass by. Of course, lots of hand sanitizer would be used. 

Another fun idea which is new this season is “reverse trick or treating.” Similar to the way many have been celebrating graduations and birthdays, those in the community could organize a drive-by or parade with spooktacularly decorated cars and candy which they could toss while kids stayed in their own front yards, showing off this years’ costume. 

For either of these events, promotional items are a fantastic way to get your logo into customers’ homes, show your business’s commitment to the community, and promote safe practices. Halloween bags have always been a classic promotional item, and now they can increase brand visibility while encouraging contactless trick or treating. Kids can just open the bag to accept candy instead of reaching into a candy bowl. Stadium cups and hand sanitizer can make great giveaways and even serve as a memento for organized celebrations. Light-up items and disposable table covers are just some of the ways to keep your logo visible on decorations for parades and events. And, of course, individual bags of candy featuring your logo is sure to create positive association with your brand. 

Making Your Promotions a Graveyard Smash

Whether your customers plan on taking the kids out to celebrate or staying home and moving the party online, PrintGlobe wants your promotions to be adaptable and stand out. Check out our full Halloween product selection or give us a call. Helping you out is always a treat! 

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