Blue Light Glasses: The Perfect Work-From-Home Promotion

Get more (healthy) eyes on your brand when you use blue light glasses for your next business promotion. It’s the perfect tool to help customers or employees work from home at a time when remote work is more common than ever before. 

Throughout the last few months, many businesses have moved to a remote, work-from-home system, causing more Americans than ever to create home offices and host their professional (and even personal) meetups using video call apps. While some companies and their employees may have been skeptical about trying this setup, it seems to be effective. An increase in articles and studies point to the remote work as potentially making employees more productive in their jobs overall. Which is good, right?

However, this increase in productivity also means your customers and employees are spending more hours per day looking at screens than ever before. And more screen time inevitably creates more eye strain. According to the AOA (American Optometric Association) Computer Vision Syndrome is eye strain caused by prolonged use of computers, tablets, and even cell phones. And eye strain is not the only symptom — this can also cause headaches, neck pain, or blurry vision.

How Blue Light Glasses Can Help 

Part of the reason that computers cause strain for our eyes is the blue light (or HEV light) coming from the screens of our PCs, laptops, tablets and cell phones. The shorter wavelengths emitted by this kind of light makes our eyes work harder to focus. 

Blue light glasses use lenses which are coated in materials to help filter the blue HEV light, which many users have reported reduces their eye strain and helps with headaches at the end of a long day of computer use. With our variety of styles, these glasses make great giveaways for the customers or even employees of tech companies or any business looking for a WFH promotion. Not only does it help a potential risk and encourage productivity, but it’s also a stylish way to gain exposure for your brand. Your logo will be showcased in every Zoom call in town! 

We also offer promotional reading glasses, providing a useful item for customers to keep with them, whether they’re working from home or browsing a menu out at a restaurant. Our readers come in a variety of styles and magnifications, so you can pick the perfect option for your business and your clients.

PrintGlobe Keeps Your Logo in Sight

You can shop our full collection of blue light glasses and readers, along with many other product options on our website. If you don’t clearly see exactly the promotional product you were looking for, feel free to give us a call! Our dedicated account managers are happy to help you find exactly what your business needs. 

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