Classic Giveaways with a Vintage Vibe

During stressful times, studies show that people tend to become more nostalgic. And believe it or not, nostalgia can be beneficial — it’s been shown to reconnect us with our roots, provide greater continuity to our lives and even ease anxiety. So why not get nostalgic with your promotions? These classic promotional products are proven to stand the test of time, while providing a fun way to bring back positive memories for your customers and clients. We could all use a reminder of the good old days right now. Read on to check out our top 10 picks for promotional products with a vintage vibe.

1. Vintage Hotel Keychains:

With a vintage look that customers will love, these hotel/motel key chains are perfect for showing off your company’s logo. Plus, with their low price tag, they’re great for promotions on a budget. Our customers have used these classic looking keychains for everything from travel promotions to wedding guest gifts.

2. Throwback Tin Lunch Boxes:

Remind customers of their days on the schoolyard with these classic lunch boxes. Complete with a familiar retro design and plenty of room to show off your logo. And they’re not just for lunches — these retro lunch boxes are also a clever way to package gifts, beauty supplies, welcome packages and more.

3. Chattering Teeth Wind Up Toys:

There’s no better way to remind your customers of simpler times than with a classic toy. And these windup chattering teeth have been making toy collectors smile for generations! These giveaways are especially good for promoting oral health for dentists and other medical offices.

4. Sporty Retro Totes:

All the retro athletic trends have come back in style, making now a perfect time to promote your brand using these sleek totes. These stylish and practical giveaways are great for gyms, school sports teams and retail stores.

5. Diner Mugs:

Drinking coffee never goes out of style, and these colorful diner mugs are a great way to show off your brand while customers caffeinate. From restaurants and coffee shops to desktop promotions that customers will use every day.

6. Traditional Teddy Bears:

Providing comfort for your customers and clients has never been easier. These cuddly teddy bears are the most adorable way to keep your logo on display while making both kids and adults feel happy and supported.

7. Glass Milk Bottles:

Remember when milk was delivered directly to our doors? These retro milk bottles are sure to give customers a positive association with your brand while you remind them of the good old days. They’re great for kitchen themed promotions and make a great desktop vase too!

8. Rubber Ducks:

If you’re looking for a fun and eye catching giveaway to promote your brand, these classic yellow rubber ducks are perfect for your next campaign. Great for real estate companies, hotels, home renovation services and more.

9. Plastic Piggy Banks:

There’s a reason classic piggy banks are a promotion that’s lasted for generations. It’s a practical way to teach kids — or remind adults — about the importance of saving money. Perfect for financial institutions, college promotions, travel agencies and more.

10. Standard Playing Cards:

Not only will promotional playing cards remind your customers of simpler days, but they’re also perfect for providing entertainment right now! As your customers run out of new shows to watch on Netflix, they’ll be grateful for a giveaway that can provide some old school entertainment with the family. 

Promotions You Can Trust

Not only will using these familiar promotions bring a smile to customers’ faces, but they also establish trust with your brand. They leave a lasting impression while giving your logo maximum exposure. For more fun ideas like these, visit our website or give us a call and chat with one of our account managers today. 

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