Products to Help Your Restaurant Business Pivot

Many businesses and organizations are having to change and evolve to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the restaurant industry has been hit harder than most. Even in cities that are allowed to slowly reopen restaurants, consumers are shifting their routines to avoid public spaces. In order to keep up with the changing world, restaurants all over the U.S. have started to pivot toward a takeout and delivery business model in order to stay open. Even fine dining establishments are adapting to a more casual to-go model.

But adapting to a new business model doesn’t have to mean compromising your brand – or your delicious food. Printed products are a great way to communicate your new strategy with current customers and attract new customers. Read on to learn 3 key ways promotional products help restaurant businesses pivot while keeping their brand strong.

Let Them Know You’re Open

Is your restaurant open? How can customers order in advance? Where is your curbside pick-up location? These are just a few of the questions that custom printed signs can answer. While people in your community venture out to find their dinners, signs are a great way to alert them that your restaurant is still serving. Vinyl banners grab the attention of passersby, and yard signs are perfect for eye-catching, street-side promotions. These signs can list hours or information about your new business model. For example, if you offer contactless delivery, use DoorDash to deliver, or operate using curbside service.

Provide a Safe and Pleasant Customer Experience

One of the biggest challenges the restaurant industry faces is preparing and serving food in a sanitary and safe environment. Operating a restaurant business during the pandemic adds even more stress on the need to make customers feel confident about your restaurant’s health guidelines.

With these challenges and social distancing guidelines in mind, the pivot to a carryout system might seem overwhelming. However, we offer several products which help create a smooth transition and put your customers (and staff) at ease. Providing face masks for employees makes it a safer environment for them and your customers, and floor mats and decals serve as a good reminder for social distancing guidelines. We also offer single use disposable menus, which are easily distributed with takeout orders, and serve as a more sanitary option for dining-in services. The safer your customers are, the easier it is to effectively run your business. Some restaurants have also set up an outdoor system with branded event tents to organize pickup orders or allow customers to stand in the shade as they wait (6 feet apart, of course.)

Offer Single-Use Products for To-Go Services

Finding the right single-use food packaging is a key factor when pivoting to a to-go model. Using branded, high quality disposable products for takeout orders is essential for making sure your restaurant stays top of mind with customers. We offer the packaging for your restaurant, whether you’re looking for containers for entrees or sides, paper wrapping, boxes, bowls and more. While many single use containers are either recyclable or compostable, we offer many eco-friendly food service items like eco-friendly cups, coasters, and napkins.

Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Promotional giveaways leave an impression that lasts for more than just a meal. They’re a unique way to show customers that you appreciate their business, and keep your logo on display for the nightly question of “what’s for dinner”.

Case study: A popular Mexican food restaurant in Texas is giving out To-Go Menus and discounts on magnets with their family sized curbside service, so families can keep their logo on display in kitchens and serve as a reminder of their easy takeout options. 

Promotions Help Your New Business Model Thrive 

Whether your restaurant has already pivoted to a takeout only model or you’re just starting to put a new system in place, branded products are essential to strengthen and maintain the new business strategy in today’s world. If you’re looking for tips or have something specific in mind, our account managers are here to help! Shop our website and give us a call today.

For more information on keeping your restaurant business safe, please visit the CDC website for the latest information and recommendation regarding the Coronavirus.

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