Choose the Right Custom Printed Face Mask for your Organization

The CDC is heavily encouraging all Americans to wear masks when they venture out to public places. And research shows that the use of masks decreases the spread of COVID within communities, especially when combined with social distancing. Much of the virus’s spread comes from the transmission of respiratory particles from people who are asymptomatic. Consistently wearing masks can decrease the spread of those particles. 

Re-usable face masks and face coverings are available in a wide range of fabrics and styles and provide various imprinting possibilities for your brand, logo, or message. They’re a great give-away for organizations that want to promote wellness as part of their branding strategy. With the largest selection of face masks and coverings in the promotional product industry, PrintGlobe can help your business keep customers and employees safe. But how does your organization choose the right mask when there are so many options?

Read on to learn more about which mask options are right for your wellness and branding needs. 

Masks with Elastic Straps

Masks with Elastic Ear Straps are known for providing a great fit since the elastic straps help hold the mask close to your mouth and face. This style of mask usually includes one or two layers of fabric protection. The front of the mask may be comprised of a single panel of fabric or two panels that come together as a seam in the center. This is important to consider when designing your custom imprint.

PrintGlobe Pro Tip:

Ear savers are a great accessory for masks with elastic straps. They make ears more comfortable!

Face Masks with Tie Strings

This style of face mask uses tie strings to adjust and secure the mask. Some people find this style more comfortable for ears. This style of mask can also hang around the neck when they aren’t in use.

Face Masks with Ear Slots or Die Cut Holes

Some masks are made from a seamless piece of material and have die cut holes or slots that fit over the ears. These masks provide a seamless appearance.

Neck Gaiters and Scarf Style Masks

Scarf style mouth coverings – sometimes called snoods or neck gaiters – offer a fashionable way to cover mouths and faces. These masks are made from a tube of fabric which can easily be pulled up over mouth when needed then lowered back into a scarf position when not needed. They provide a generous amount of coverage and are less likely to be lost or misplaced since they are always on.

Bandanna Style Face Coverings

Bandannas can be fashioned into a mouth covering and are a good option for using something that can be used in other ways. Other tie-on styles are made from cooling towel material and tie on the back of the head like a bandanna.

Choice of Mask Fabric

From cotton masks to bamboo blend neck gaiters, there’s a wide variety of mask materials available. Cotton offers the most comfort and breath-ability while polyester blends will stand up to the daily washing all fabric masks require. Antimicrobial fabric masks add another element of protection and foam masks are extremely durable. The type of mask fabric also influences the number of layers a mask should have. The thinner the fabric, the more layers a mask should have.

Custom Printed Masks

While offering protection, they also provide a highly visible imprint area that can be used to promote your organization while bringing awareness to health and wellness. And since we will be wearing and seeing masks for many months to come, they are a great promotional giveaway for businesses, schools, retails chains, and more.

When choosing custom masks for your organization, consider how prominent you want your custom print. Some masks offer a subtle location for a custom imprint in the lower corner of the front of the masks.

And some masks offer the entire front surface of the mask as an imprint space and can be printed in full color.

We Make Choosing the Right Custom Printed Mask Easy

PrintGlobe is proud to offer the largest assortment of custom printed face masks in the promotional product industry and we have options and resources above and beyond what you see on our website. With so many options, choosing the right mask for your business may seem overwhelming but our design team and experienced account managers can make that process easy for you. Just give us a call to get your order started.

A friendly reminder

Our face masks are recommended for use as part of your overall social distancing strategy and are not intended for medical use. Please visit the CDC website for the latest information and recommendation regarding the Coronavirus.

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