What Does a Post-COVID Workplace Look Like & How Can Promotional Products Help?

As more businesses re-open their offices and establishments, safety remains the primary concern for those going back to work. Establishing workplace wellness is important not only for the physical safety of your staff, but also for allowing them some peace of mind as they return to their desks and workspaces. By staying conscious of the best ways to keep your office clean and following those guidelines, you can help keep your employees safe and your business on the right track for a successful reopening. Here are some tips and facts regarding workplace wellness which can help decrease the spread of COVID-19. 

Stay Clean and Spread Out

To reiterate the same advice you’ve been hearing since this pandemic began, keeping hands and surfaces clean and maintaining social distancing are the most effective ways to ensure safety in the office. It’s also important to know which surfaces and objects serve as hot spots for the spread of germs and continue to keep those areas disinfected. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also suggests encouraging employees to stay home if they feel sick and establishing staggered shifts or flexible work hours if possible. It might be a good idea to increase the distance between work stations, especially if your office uses an open floor plan. 

Hot Spots in the Office

Researchers and experts believe that COVID-19 is transmitted largely through hand contact, which is why we keep hearing about the importance of hand washing. The spread of germs through touching shared items and surfaces is especially relevant in office spaces. Some of the most at-risk spots in an office include sink handles, microwave and refrigerator doors, and computer keyboards. Additionally, before many of us were sheltering in place, most American adults spend more time in the workspace Monday through Friday than any other place, including their homes. As our country makes its way back to that standard, PrintGlobe can offer a few products which can help your business stay on top of workplace wellness. 

Entrances and Exits:

Depending on what kind of workspace your company uses and how many customers and employees you see daily, lobby traffic can be an important area of focus. Pre-Covid, the Empire State Building had between 10 and 20 thousand visitors a day! While your organization may not see that much traffic, our “One Way Arrow Floor Decals” and “Stand Here” floor mats can help you manage entrance and exit traffic and help prevent groups from congregating in front of reception desks.


Elevator etiquette is extremely important during this time, not only because it breaks social distancing habits to ride in an elevator with another person, but also because of the spread of germs on elevator buttons. With handy touch-free contact tools like our Safety Key Touch-Free Multi-tools, your employees can safely get to their desired floor without having to touch the same buttons as everyone else in the building. These touch-free tools are also a great way for employees to avoid contaminated surfaces outside the office like door handles. And styluses are making a comeback as a touch-free way to use ATM keypads, grocery store check-out keypads. And, while it would be best to always ride the elevator alone that’s not always possible. Face masks can create a safer environment in elevators and other small spaces throughout the office. The material used on these masks which cover the nose and mouth helps prevent the spread of respiratory particles which could transmit the virus.

Common Spaces:

While your employees can do their best to keep their distance, surfaces and objects in break rooms and bathrooms still create a risk for the spread of germs. One study showed that 75% of faucet handles on break room sinks contained high viral or bacterial counts. Regularly cleaning these areas and reminding workers of the importance of hand washing makes a big difference. Informative magnets like these hand washing tips magnets and Coronavirus Prevention and Awareness signs can help establish best-practices and serve as a constant reminder to every employee who enters the bathroom or goes to the fridge for a snack.

Desks and Shared Equipment:

OSHA recommends that during this time, employees do their best to stay in their own work space and refrain from using others’ computers and phones. However, to fully ensure that your company is doing everything possible to maintain a safe work environment, it’s important to keep every desk area clean and sanitized at all times. We offer cell phone and device spray cleaner options and a wide range of sanitizing, alcohol wipes, antiseptic kits and which every employee can use to keep cell phones, desk surfaces and shared devices like fax machines and scanners clean. Brand these kits with your company logo or use the imprint space to provide helpful reminders for maintaining a healthy office. 

PrintGlobe is Here to Help

PrintGlobe has always been committed to helping businesses succeed. Our assortment of Coronavirus Prevention and Awareness Products, Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Products, and Face Masks can help your business continue to grow in a healthy and safe environment. If you have questions or need suggestions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or use our online chat function. Our dedicated account managers are here for you. For the latest information on preventing the spread of the virus, visit the CDC’s website or follow updates on OSHA.gov.

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