Protection Products For Your Most Essential Workers

Providing products that make daily interactions safer is a great way for your organization to support essential workers and first responders.

It’s always a good idea to be mindful of avoiding contact with germs, bacteria, and viruses but with the global effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), everyone is extra mindful of avoiding coming in contact with germs and limiting exposure to unclean surfaces. Our brave essential workers and first responders face this challenge daily

Whether your organization is looking to support essential workers or just looking for ways to help your customers and employees stay safe when making essentials trips to the grocery store or drug store, PrintGlobe has branded solutions for you to offer.

Stylus Pens

Stylus pens are a great way to reduce contact with commercial and personal electronic devices. They can also be used at grocery stores and pharmacies for checking out when using a shared keypad or used to press elevator buttons or touch screen kiosks.

Dry Bags

Dry Bags have become a necessity for essential workers, hospital employees, or anyone having to take personal belongings with them when they leave home. They safely store belongings and have a waterproof and washable surface. They can be toted along on bag or backpack clipped with a carabiner.

Screen Cleaners and Microfiber Cloths

Keep the surface of phones and devices germ free with antimicrobial cleaning cloths or alcohol-based spray cleaner. The custom printed screen cleaners and microfiber cloths will be appreciated and used daily. Our selection has a variety of options including antimicrobial cloths and alcohol based spray cleaners.

Masks and Face Covering Products

Fabric Masks and Face Guards are highly recommended by the CDC and are being required in some cities and communities. Fortunately, we have a wide range of options that organizations can use to promote wellness. Many of our face masks include custom printing.

Anti-Germ Personal Safety Tools

PrintGlobe is seeing an emergence of new safety products and personal tools like these Anti-Germ Utility Tools and Badge Holders that allow users to open doors without coming in direct contact with them. They also include a tip that can be used as a stylus for ATM’s, keypads, or to press elevator buttons. These multi-functional tools are great giveaways for any employer or any organization that has essential workers coming and going from public places.

Custom Options and Sources for Your Organization’s Unique Needs

Consider PrintGlobe your go-to source for any of your organization’s personal protection needs. We have a wide range of Coronavirus Prevention and Awareness Products, Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Products and Face Masks. Being an established promotional product supplier for over 25 years, PrintGlobe has domestic and overseas sources for blank and branded products needed to support essential workers and first responders. Call us now to get your order started.

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