No Events? No Problem! Deliver Swag To Your Virtual Attendee’s Door!

Odds are you’ve recently attended a webinar, watched an on-line workout class, or joined a meeting using a video conferencing app. Before too long, you may even find yourself planning or attending a conference from the comfort of your desk.

The goals of your virtual events remain the same, even if the venue and the attendees have changed a bit. A successful virtual event still needs to deliver your company’s message, drive leads and revenue, improve adoption, and build loyalty. And PrintGlobe can help you (and your sponsors) find and deliver the right promotions directly to your attendees leaving a lasting impression after everyone logs off from your event.

At both in-person and virtual events, you need to effectively promote the event, engage your attendees, create memorable moments, and prove event success. PrintGlobe can be your turn-key promo fulfillment partner, and help you deliver a memorable swag bag, welcome gift, award package, or follow-up gift directly to the door of all your attendees, to really drive your sponsor and content messages home!

PrintGlobe can help you design a beautiful mail-ready gift box to grab your attendees attention and generate excitement and drive registrations and excitement for your event. Boxes can be loaded with items to help attendees during your virtual event such as Earbuds, Journals & Notepads, and WebCam Covers.

Or provide drink mixes and snacks to fight off those mid day energy lulls.

And you can still thank your keynote speakers, recognize your award your winners, and celebrate important milestones with our complete selection of awards, plaques and technology gifts.

Simply provide us with a list of your recipients and the day you would like your gift to arrive and we will take care of the rest, including a customized gift message.

And if you would like to recreate the buzz of an expo floor and deliver the collection of swag that your attendees would normally collect over your live event, PrintGlobe can work directly with your sponsors and exhibitors to build your attendees their own custom swag-bags and drop ship them directly to their home or office after the event.   A well-executed event swag bag drop shipped to your guests will get your exhibitors message in front of your attendees, adding value to their sponsorship while helping them generate more leads.

Virtual Exhibitors can also consider sending items that they might not want to have burdened attendees with carrying or lugging home, like coffee mugs and tumblers, backpacks, food and candy gifts .

And by gathering just a little bit of information from your attendees, logo apparel can be shipped in your attendee’s size and style preference without having to guess in advance. Everyone gets their polo, pull over, or tee shirt in their chosen color or style delivered directly for a truly memorable and personalized experience.

As a final benefit virtual event planners can include a note in each bag asking for attendee feedback and comments on the experience, ensuring the success of future events while keeping engagement going after the event.

PrintGlobe is uniquely suited to be your partner for all your in-person and virtual event planning and swag distribution needs. Check out our full collection of Promotional Products and contact your Dedicated Account Manager for kitting and fulfillment pricing.

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