Sew-Loved Sewing “Battalion” Takes The Fight To Covid-19

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As the world grapples with protective mask shortages during the Covid-19 pandemic PrintGlobe customer Sew-Loved put out the call for hobbyist sewers across the country to help make masks themselves. Within the first 10 days more than 750 volunteer sewers across the country had enlisted in this makeshift fabric army, and the in the process began sewing more than 30,000 masks for immediate delivery to local hospitals.

The call to arms with needle and thread came from non-profit Sew-Loved founder Vicki Miles when she heard that there was a national hospital shortage of masks.  Miles quickly designed a prototype with the help of a local health care company and pivoted her organization and resources from teaching under-served and marginalized women in South Bend, Indiana marketable skills like sewing and embroidery, to mobilizing a national effort to send sewing instructions and materials kits to their volunteer “Battalion” of home sewers all over the country.

Sew-Loved reached out to PrintGlobe about creating custom temporary tattoos to send out with each sewing kit featuring “The Battalion” moniker and an old fashioned Singer sewing machine, harkening back to the Rosie the Riveter days of World War II. Each sewer is encouraged to wear the tattoo on their arm and strike their best “Rosie” pose and then post the picture to social media with the hashtag #SLMasks to build awareness, keep up morale, and recruit other sewers to the fight.

For more information about how you can lend your sewing skills to help stop the spread of Covid-19, or make a donation to help Sew-Loved  keep up their effort to protect those on the front lines against the virus visit

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