Promotional Products for a Remote Workforce

Last week, millions of Americans transitioned from a daily commute to the office to working exclusively from home to promote social distancing amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. While this attempt to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19 was necessary for public health, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the struggle that will inevitably accompany such an overwhelming change in routine.

While at first it might seem like a dream to take conference calls from your couch, working from home presents its own set of challenges. While maintaining productivity amid so many distractions is a challenge, maintaining a sense of teamwork and community within your company while physically separated may be even more difficult.

PrintGlobe offers a variety of affordable and useful promotional products that you can gift your employees at this time to help them feel appreciated and more connected to each other and to your shared mission as an organization.

Keep reading for six of our favorite promotional products to keep a remote workforce connected.

Whether employees are getting their morning started or trying to combat that afternoon slump, a cup of coffee or tea is sure to give them a productivity boost so that they can get back to work. The 14 oz. Brew Desk Mug has a secure push-on lid and a slide lock drink opening that ensures no spills on laptops or important paperwork. Your company logo will remind employees that they are part of the team with every sip.

While it’s no substitute for medical attention or medication, a Desk Humidifier offers a natural remedy perfect for prevention or treatment at the height of cold and flu season. According to Healthline, using a humidifier can help alleviate or ease symptoms like a cough, a stuffy nose, or a sore throat. The Desk Humidifier adds ambiance with a soft light and can conveniently charge by plugging into your computer’s USB port. Best of all, it’s compact and takes up very little space while making a huge impact. This gift conveys to employees that you care about their health, wellness, and comfort, which is sure to make them feel appreciated.

Chances are your employees will be invited to a lot of virtual meetings over the next few weeks. Even if you don’t need to be on camera, it’s too easy to unintentionally have Zoom or Skype turn your webcam on automatically and get caught in an uncomfortable situation.

A tiny gift like the Clip-On Privy Blocker/Screen Cleaner can make a huge difference in ensuring that your employees can maintain a degree of professionalism, even if there are kids running around the room, dogs barking at the UPS driver, and no one in the house has made it out of their pajamas.

As a bonus, this privacy blocker doubles as a screen cleaner that can quickly wipe out dust and smudges distracting from what’s on the screen.

Whether employees are working from their homes or safely practicing social distancing somewhere like a coffee shop, unusual background noise is unavoidable. While some may find this a relaxing way to work, sometimes it needs to be blocked out to stay focused on the task at hand or take a phone call. The solution? Bluetooth headphones. The Buzz Bluetooth Earbuds fit neatly into a carrying case personalized with your company logo.

If you your employees live in a smaller house or apartment and aren’t used to working from home, they may be working at a makeshift desk, making the best of the space you have. Maybe they don’t have enough electrical outlets to charge phones and computers at the same time. Maybe they’re working from the dining room table and sick of being tangled in a mess of cords because of the additional equipment they need to do their job. Either way, a Wireless Charging Power Bank can help.

This cutting-edge technology enables users to charge your device wirelessly. Months from now, employees will remember the lengths you went to as an employer to make the remote work experience as seamless as possible, and a small gift like this is sure to ease frustration.

Whether you’re a creative that spends hours designing in Photoshop or a numbers whiz who spends most of their day looking at Excel Spreadsheets, a mouse is a useful tool to make your computer easier to navigate. This Mouse Pad Combo with a Gel Wrist Rest will keep your employees working in comfort during long days and make them feel like they’re really at the office.  

Get Employees the Products They Need

Shop PrintGlobe’s full selection of Office Accessories and Tech Accessories. These gifts and giveaways will associate your brand with helpful items that ensure your company functions effectively in a remote work environment.

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