Top 8 Picks for Healthy Travel Promotions

Many of your customers may have concerns about traveling right now, so let your brand lend a hand. Here are a few ways you can help travelers stay healthy through their travel plans, whether they’re navigating airports or just headed to the grocery store. It’s a great way for your business or organization to offer a little peace of mind and encourage healthy habits on the go.

1. Hand Soap Sheets in Travel Cases

We’ve all been hearing how important it is to wash your hands when you go through airports or busy public places, and now you can make it easy for customers to follow that advice! With sheets that dissolve instantly with water, it’s a simple way to keep hands clean and help prevent germs from spreading. And with your logo on the travel-sized cases, you get more eyes on your brand.

2. Express Safety Kits

When using small first aid kits as a giveaway, you can be sure your customers are prepared for unexpected problems. And with these compact kits that fit easily into backpacks, you can help them carry bandages, sanitizer, antibiotic ointment, and your logo everywhere they go.

3. Antibacterial Toothbrush Holders

One of the first things on everyone’s packing list before they go on a trip is their toothbrush. With the help of these antibacterial toothbrush holders, you can let your logo follow them throughout their travels and help keep them safe from exposure to germy surfaces. 

4. Wheat Straw Kits in Travel Cases

This product is great for your health and the environment! With reusable straws in travel cases, your customers can show off your logo as they enjoy their iced coffee or soda, while making sure they don’t have to use disposable straws which have been passed from hand to hand.

5. PocketPak Tissue Sleeves

Portable tissues are a no-brainer anytime you travel! And with your full color imprint on these 15 count packets, your customers will surely appreciate your brand when they have easy access to tissues on the go. 

6. 1 oz. Bottles of Aloe Vera Gel

Create a soothing look for your brand with these bottles of aloe vera gel! These one ounce bottles come with your logo or message in eye-catching full color on the labels. Aloe vera is good for relieving burns and sunburns, along with other skincare uses.

7. Bamboo Utensil Sets in Travel Pouches

Another environmentally friendly option, reusable bamboo utensils are a great addition to your customers’ travel plans. With a spoon, knife and fork packaged in a convenient pouch, your brand can ensure that customers don’t have to use disposable or potentially germy silverware, and help them eat on the go. 

8. Sun, Sanitizer and Bug Safety Kits

If your customers love to travel and explore the great outdoors, these giveaways can provide everything they might need on their adventures. Each kit comes with 0.33 oz. of hand sanitizer, insect repellent, after-bite spray, sunscreen, and after-burn spray. Plus, they have generous space for your logo! 

Encourage Healthy Travels with Help from PrintGlobe

Whether your clients and customers are traveling long distances or running errands around town, these are just a few of our products that can help out while also leaving lasting impression of your brand. Be sure to check out our full selection of preferred products for healthy travel promotions, or take a look at other travel or health products that might be perfect for your business.

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