Unique and Stylish Custom Printed Hand Sanitizers

When choosing the best way to increase awareness of your brand, the most effective promotions involve products which will be seen and used by as many potential customers as possible. Since hand sanitizers are always good to have around in heavily populated, high-traffic areas such as airports and conventions, using them to promote is a win-win for your brand and your customers. Plus, they’re great to have around at outdoor events or trade shows when customers don’t have time or a good place to thoroughly wash their hands. And with the recent increase in demand for these products and PrintGlobe’s wide variety of options, now is the perfect time to incorporate hand sanitizers into your promotional campaigns. 

Standard to Stylish – Shop an Assortment of Hand Sanitizer Styles

When you think of using hand sanitizers, you typically think of the classic promotional hand sanitizer bottles like these:

We also offer a variety of hand sanitizer shapes and styles, so your company or organization can choose the one that’s best for representing your brand.

For schools, hospitals, pediatricians, or organizations looking for a clever, unique promotion, we offer hand sanitizers in shapes such as uniforms, hands or doctor’s scrubs. It’s a fun way to make your promotions capture more attention. 

We offer plenty of retail-ready hand sanitizer tubes and bottles that are perfect for spas, hotels or cosmetics companies. These options add a more stylish, upscale look to your promotions and leave a great first impression with customers. We even offer tinted hand sanitizers, or colored microbeads which match the color of the packaging for an added wow-factor.

Antibacterial products are particularly useful for travel. As customers navigate airports, public transit and tourist attractions, it’s always a good idea to have an easily accessible bottle of hand sanitizer. Plus, it offers tons of opportunities to get more eyes on your brand. That’s why we have a huge variety of holders and packaging options for our hand sanitizers, making them easy to carry around and attach to backpacks and luggage. These promotions are especially great for travel agencies, airlines, cab companies and the hospitality industry.

Good, Clean Promoting with PrintGlobe

We offer a wide variety of high quality hand sanitizer options so you can find the perfect way to represent your brand and care for your customers. Many of our options are made in the US, and we offer lots of bottles and holders with full color imprints, so you can let your logo or message shine. Shop our full hand sanitizer collection or take a look at some of our other health-conscious products today.

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