4 Unexpected Things Promotional Outdoor Gear Can Do for Your Brand

While the weather may not feel like it in much of the United States, spring is just around the corner. With it comes warmer temperatures and longer days with more time to spend outside. If your organization doesn’t have anything to do with sports or traditional outdoor activities like hunting or camping, you may not naturally consider gifting or selling promotional outdoor gear. However, there are serious business benefits to these products that extend across industries. With so many quality retail brands offering their products in the promotional products industry, you have plenty of options to choose from that your customers will know and love.

Read on for 4 unexpected things promotional outdoor products can do for your brand.

1. Shine a Light on Your Organization’s Values

Gifting an unconventional promo product like a tool is a thoughtful way to convey your organization’s values and priorities. For example, the High Sierra Carabiner Hook Flashlight is ideal for those organizations who want to convey a sense of safety and security with their gift, like an IT company, a police or fire station, an insurance agency, or a financial advisor. Customers can clip it to a bag or their clothing and use it while walking their dog after dark or to find their keys in the bottom of a bag and feel a sense of safety that they will associate with your logo.

A gift like the High Sierra 20 LED Super Bright Lantern will associate your brand with practicality and problem-solving. Customers or clients will remember that you were there to help when an inconvenience or unforeseen challenge happened, like the power going out or needing to look for something outside at night.

2. Generate Buzz with Brand Names

We can’t ignore the fact that quality outdoor equipment costs more than the average promotional product, but we firmly believe that you get what you pay for. Furthermore, you might be surprised at just how much brands matter to consumers and how much more they are willing to pay for a brand name product.    

A 2015 Nielsen survey found that nearly six-in-10 global respondents (59%) prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them, and 21% say they purchased a new product because it was from a brand they like.

When it comes to items that will be utilized outdoors, brand names like Thule and High Sierra give buyers confidence that they will last through all kinds of weather and terrain. Brands also have an aspirational quality. Consumers have an idea about what the audience and owners of a brand’s products are like, and they will strategically make a purchase to be perceived in that same way.  

3. Spark Positive Memories and Encourage New Adventures

Whether your customers are serious hikers or just enjoy drinks on a patio, recreational outdoor activities are happening at night or on weekends when your customers are off the clock and spending time with friends and family.

Promotional outdoor products from brands like Thule and High Sierra are built to last season after season and will carry the memories of past uses with them. What more could you ask for as a brand than to be associated with some of your customers’ favorite memories?

Backpacks like the Thule Stravan Computer Backpack and the Thule EnRoute Computer Backpack are great for both everyday adventures and travel. These bags are versatile enough for toting computers to work, as a carry-on bags, or for bringing supplies on outdoor adventures or hikes.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for travelers who don’t want a bulky suitcase, combine the best of both worlds with an option like the High Sierra 26” Wheeled Duffel. With a soft shell and wheels, it can be packed it to the brim with all the travel essentials, but easily navigate airports or even rougher terrain like campgrounds without hurting backs or shoulders.

High Sierra Camping Chairs are ideal for getting high visibility of your logo at campfires or on the sidelines of sports games. Lightweight material and a carrying case with shoulder strap make for easy transport. A head rest with your custom logo and arm rests with beverage holders will allow customers to kick back and relax comfortably while your logo is on display for all to see.

4. Increase Impressions

Sometimes when people think of corporate promotional products, they limit their thinking to products that can be used in the office. There is great advertising potential in anything you can use outside the office or outside the home because of how far it can travel.

Think about how many people you see on your typical daily commute–whether you’re walking, on a bus, or on the subway. Or how many people flood into a college football stadium parking lot for a tailgate. Or in a busy airport terminal.

In these high traffic environments, your logo can receive thousands of impressions in a matter of a few hours when it’s printed on a backpack, chair, or duffel bag. Capitalize on this opportunity to stand out, expand your reach, and tap into a new audience.

Outdoor Promotions with PrintGlobe

With all these benefits in mind, PrintGlobe wants to help you find the perfect promotional outdoor products to represent your brand. Browsing our High Sierra backpacks and our full selection of outdoor products is a great place to start. If you have any questions, our dedicated account managers are always here to help. Start your order today!

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