Advertise Your Business With Clever Combo Promotional Products

Help your clients multi-task with these top 10 innovative custom printed promotional tools!

When it comes to your next promotional campaign, why settle for a one-trick pony when these two-trick ponies are sure to garner more attention? The clever two-in-one nature of these promotional products is sure to catch the eyes of onlookers and thus grab more attention for your custom printed logo, company artwork or brand name.

Double the impact of your custom print job by getting it on a product with two specific purposes. Not only will the user be thrilled by the versatility of the promotional product itself, but they’ll also align your brand the creativity and innovation that went into designing the device in the first place.

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

It’s a pair of sunglasses. It’s a bottle opener. It’s a pair of bottle opener sunglasses!

Getting the party started can be as simple as taking off your shades with these nifty bottle opener sunglasses. Regular bottle openers have a tendency to go missing at parties or company events. So your clients can be the hero of the party by whipping these off their heads and popping some tops. Plus, other party guests are sure to catch your custom printed logo on the arms of these clever accessories. But if you’re one of those people that can’t find your glasses when they’re already sitting on your head, there’s really nothing we can do for you.

Candlelight Bluetooth Speakers

It’s an electric candle. It’s a Bluetooth speaker. It’s a candlelight Bluetooth speaker!

Set the mood visually and sonically with these relaxing candlelight Bluetooth speakers. Your brand logo will be illuminated through a faux melting wax casing, and the sounds will stream directly from your own personalized playlists. So spas and yoga studios can create the perfect ambiance, and interior designers and home staging specialists can inspire a compelling atmosphere.

4-Piece Coaster Game Sets

It’s a coaster set. It’s a four-piece game set. It’s a four-piece coaster game set!

A reliable backup for game night, these coaster game sets are guaranteed to bring new life to any coffee table. Backgammon, chess, Chinese checkers and tic-tac-toe boards and game pieces are all included, so these sets are great for all ages and skill levels. Each set is laser engraved with your company name or custom logo on the base which also serves as storage for the game pieces. And even if no one is around to play with, you still have a place to set your drink down!

Pet Trash Bag Dispenser with Flashlight

It’s a pet waste bag dispenser. It’s a flashlight. It’s a poop bag dispenser flashlight!

Make sure your customers don’t step in it when they take Fido for their early morning or twilight walks. These bright and tidy combo sets will protect neighborhoods from sidewalk land mines and lawn bombs. Each dispenser includes 10 biodegradable bags and three replaceable button cell batteries. Your clients and their nosey neighbors will be grateful!

Magnetic Bottle Opener Clips

It’s a bottle opener. It’s a magnetic clip. It’s a magnetic bottle opener clip!

Make it a one-stop trip to the refrigerator for a tasty refreshing beverage with these cool little magnetic clip bottle openers. Everybody knows that the kitchen is where all the action is, so get your custom printed logo on display at the hub of activity for daily life or a big house party where guests know where to find the beer. In fact, with the you clip you can even hang a sign telling people where to find the beer and reveal the secret double life of these magnetic trinkets.

Tritan Rumble Bottles with Speaker

It’s a water bottle. It’s a Bluetooth speaker. It’s a Tritan Rumble Speaker Bottle!

Now your company logo can look good and sound great on these Tritan Rumble bottles with built-in speakers! Help your clients quench their thirst for high energy bangers, chill vibes or mellow tunes while literally quenching their thirst. Clients and employees can show off your full-color branding at the park, by the pool, at the beach, while they’re camping or wherever they may carry these sonic wonders. And people attracted to the tunes are sure to notice your custom logo.

Stylus Pen Stands with Screen Cleaner

It’s a stylus pen. It’s a touchscreen cleaner. It’s a stylus pen screen cleaner!

Keep smartphones and other touchscreen devices free from dust, dirt and annoying fingerprints with these convenient stylus pens with a built-in screen cleaner that doubles as a stand. Customers and co-workers are sure to take notice of these futuristic-looking little devices with your company logo imprinted on the side.  

Earbuds with Flashlight Case

It’s a set of earbuds. It’s a flashlight. It’s a set of earbuds in a flashlight case!

It’s always nice to have a spare pair of earbuds on hand when you travel and your default set inevitably gets lost. It also helps if you can find the tiny input jack on whatever device you’re trying to plug into without electrocuting yourself. Custom printed with your company logo, clients will surely appreciate these travel earbud cases with a built-in flashlight when they’re fumbling around in the dark on a plane trying to plug in so they can drown out the person snoring in the seat next to them!

Cadet Safety LED Ice Scrapers

It’s an ice scraper. It’s a window breaker. It’s a seat belt cutter. It’s the Cadet Safety LED Ice Scraper!

Great for scraping the ice off of windshields on frosty mornings, these ice scrapers feature your company logo prominently displayed just above the blade. Best of all, no matter how early or late the day may be, your clients will know exactly where to aim thanks to the built-in LED lights. They also feature a seat belt cutter and a window breaker, so it’s an all-around hero tool for automotive emergency situations.

Economy Wine Stopper & Openers

It’s a wine bottle opener. It’s a wine bottle stopper. It’s a combo wine stopper and opener!

Go with the flow or stop and save some for another time. All the mixed signals are wrapped up in this one clever device. Imprinted with your custom logo on the handle, these nifty wine stoppers hide the corkscrew inside so when your guests finish off one bottle and are ready for the next one, you won’t have to go hunting for the bottle opener. Great for picnics or traveling to other wine tasting functions.

Go for the 1-2 Promotional Punch with PrintGlobe!

Thrill and amaze your future customers with these unique combination products from PrintGlobe. We’re experts in helping you craft memorable promotional tools that are as unforgettable as your business!

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