Deck the Halls with Custom Printed Ornaments for Your Customers

custom printed ornaments

Adorn Christmas trees and seasonal displays with custom printed ornaments and remind clients of your brand throughout the holiday season!

‘Tis the season to thank your loyal customers for their repeat business over the past year. And what better to show your appreciation than the small token of a holiday ornament that can shimmer and shine as a constant reminder of your brand name! Whether your custom printed ornaments make it all the way back home to the customer’s Christmas tree or hang on the holiday decorations in the break room or waiting room of an office space, your customers will be repeatedly reminded of your gratitude throughout the season.

More than just fragile glass orbs, your company’s holiday ornaments can be custom printed in a wide array of shapes and materials to best reflect your brand identity. From long-lasting metal and shatterproof plastics to soft leather and felt, these promotional holiday ornaments will bring cheer throughout the season and are destined to return each Christmas for years to come. And if your business has taken a stance for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, then consider these recycled felt or plantable seed paper ornaments.

Shatterproof Ornaments

Shatterproof ornaments are an affordable way to make sure that your custom printed logo will last year after year. Durable and lightweight, these economic ornaments come in a variety of shapes and colors and have become an industry standard for promotional gifts and marketing brands before and during the holidays.

Wooden Ornaments

Wooden holiday ornaments can add a classic or rustic touch to your clients’ holiday decorations. Portray your company’s brand as rugged and durable when your custom logo or holiday greetings is imprinted on these natural ornaments. Most of these wooden decorations are packaged in a natural kraft envelope and include an organic twine cord giving your customer gift an additional vintage flair.

Leather Ornaments

For an unexpected touch of style and sophistication, consider these debossed leather ornaments to add an extra dimension of texture to your brand logo. Your customers and their holiday guests will be intrigued by the unique look and your holiday marketing message will take on a tactile aspect when they reach out to touch the smooth soft leather.

Metal Ornaments

Add some extra heft and shine to your promotional ornaments by choosing one or more these metal tree decorations guaranteed to bend the tree branches (slightly) toward more brand recognition. Aluminum and die cast metal are just a few of the choice available for metal ornaments that have been forged info various shapes such as stars, Christmas trees and all sorts of bells – the ringing kind and the jingle variety. And the laser etching options are sure cast your custom logo in an attractive light.

Sustainable Ornaments

Spread tidings of joy and goodwill to all mankind while promoting environmentally friendly causes and sustainable sourcing. Plantable seed paper ornaments can live on long after the holidays giving your customers and their families a beautiful reminder of your brand as the seeded paper sprouts into beautiful flowers. The eco-friendly felt ornaments are crafted out of a material manufactured out of recycled bottles and are available in star, Christmas tree and snowman shapes. Your clients or other recipients of these ornaments will recognize your company brand as one that is concerned with issues of social responsibility.

Celebrate another successful year with PrintGlobe!

So don’t let the holidays pass you by and miss a great promotional opportunity for your company with custom printed ornaments. They’re a fun and festive way to spread cheer and remind your customers to use your products or services in the new year.

Seasons greeting from all your friends at PrintGlobe!

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