Gear Up for Game Day with Tailgating Promotions

Rev up enthusiasm for your team and your brand with custom printed tailgating promotions at your next parking lot party!

Spontaneous chants and cheers for the home team or the visiting challengers… Savory smells wafting from portable grills…  Plenty of sudsy beer flowing from the taps and bottles… Game days are already loaded with excitement and energy for rival football teams as they prepare to battle it out for the day’s victory. Companies can “tailgate” on that enthusiasm by tying their brand and logo to tailgating promotions that are guaranteed to be seen by large impressionable crowds that are willing to test out a sample or stock up on some game day swag.

Tailgate parties are a great opportunity for companies to target a large fanbase at football games or concerts and channel some of that fan energy toward their own products or services and gain valuable exposure for the company’s brand and identity. Tailgating may have a reputation for rowdy and raucous crowds, but don’t let that energy scare you off. Instead, pass out custom printed frisbees® or squeeze balls that can be harmlessly tossed around. Or some customized megaphones or cowbells that will let fans make a lot of noise while holding onto your company logo.

Not just football games or sports events, tailgate parties are also popular at concerts, rodeos, demolition derbies or wherever receptive audiences are ready to be entertained by a headlining act and have their curiosity piqued by whatever marketing tools or tailgating promotions may cross their path on their way to the entrance gates of the stadium, arena or coliseum. Just think of all the hand fans and Koozies® that get noticed in the hands of football fans and concert-goers as they mill about before showtime.

PrintGlobe can help your company ensure high visibility with quality tailgating promotions and marketing products decorated with your lasting imprint or company logo. From high-end grill accessories that will get repeated use over multiple seasons to affordable keychains and pennants that could likely end up in a scrapbook or decorating a wall, PrintGlobe supplies promotional tools that are as memorable as the tailgate event itself!

Grill it

Football fans are bound to work up an appetite with all the bravado and rah-rah team spirit charging the atmosphere. Burgers and hotdogs, brats and veggie options all taste better fresh from a grill, so make sure that tailgaters get served with custom branded barbecue accessories. From barbeque grill tool kits and aprons to portable cooking grills, PrintGlobe showcases a variety of custom printed tailgating promotions that pitmasters and party-goers will hungrily gather around gaining your brand extra advertising impact.

Serve it

Make sure your tailgating promotions stick to the theme with these custom printed football snack helmets. Imprinted with your company logo or team mascot, these fun serving bowls are perfect for chips and dips! These tailgater ice buckets are a lightweight and efficient way to keep the beer, sodas and water on ice. And this being a parking lot, make sure you provide your tailgaters some eco-friendly cork coasters to keep all the cars free from drink rings and scratches.

Haul it

Now tailgaters can carry, roll or transport their food, drinks and other tailgating supplies to the big game in style while showing off your custom printed company logo. Insulated tote bags and rolling coolers are both innovative and eye-catching options for getting your brand name into the midst of a crowd. And these sling coolers are a newfangled way to stack drink cans and keep them frosty as you carry them around without the bulk of a full ice chest.

Chug it

But let’s get real here, the main reason most folks like a good tailgate party is so they can pre-game and get their drink on before they pass through the gates and are limited to overpriced, watered-down, basic no-frills beer. So check out PrintGlobe’s huge selection of Koozies and can holders that fans are sure to wrap their hands around while they mill about the social circles before the big game. And beyond drink insulators, check out the yard cups and other drinkware made for the outdoors with spill-resistant lids and built-in drinking straws.

Shout it

Make some noise and help tailgaters get fired up for their team with custom printed megaphones and noisemakers. Crowds are sure to turn their heads to see where the is coming from and catch of glimpse of your custom printed logo. And every tailgate party needs more cowbell! Plus these noisemakers and megaphones can make it into the stadium to help drum up the energy for your team in the fourth quarter when they might need it the most!

Wave it

Everybody on the road will know which team you support and where you’re headed whether you’re zooming down the freeway or sitting in traffic with these custom printed car flags. They also help to make sure that fans park with their own tribe in the stadium parking lot. You’d hate to be parked in enemy territory when you’re trying to get revved up for your team. More fun tailgating paraphernalia that can make it into the stadium include foam hands and hats and pom-poms that will shimmer in the stands raising your visibility with custom branding and logos.

Toss it

Another way for fans to work off their gameday energy and anxiety is with parking lot friendly games that will let football fans emulate their heroes. Keep the kids entertained with custom printed foam footballs and frisbees while the parents are knocking back tasty adult beverages. Or if your level of activity requires you to keep a beer in one hand, there’s always the timeless game of cornhole that will make a weekend warrior out of anyone! And keep in mind the exposure to your company logo as football fans are tossing beanbags at it!

Set it up

For a uniform brand assault at your future tailgating promotions, make sure the table covers match the plates! From napkins all the way up to pop-up tents, your brand logo or team mascot can make it onto almost every aspect of the tailgating experience. These convenient total package sets leave no fork unturned and can include outdoor event drink coolers and 13-foot tall sail banners. And don’t forget the tunes with these customized coolers which feature built-in speakers! They’re ideal for attracting crowds to your custom logo.

Gear up with PrintGlobe for your tailgate party

So win or lose on game day, your tailgate party will be an advertising success with custom printed tailgating promotions from PrintGlobe. Sports fans and concert-goers will head to the arena ready to be entertained and will leave with a little extra exposure to your company’s brand and knowledge about your business or products.

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