Uncork the Unique Potential of Cork Promotional Products

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From traditional cork coasters to cork-bottomed drinkware and cork-detailed accessories, the time is right to pop the cork on innovative and environmentally friendly cork promotional products from PrintGlobe.

Rugged but still softer than other wood-based items, cork’s unique texture gives promotional products a more luxurious feel. Cork coasters and cork-bottomed bottles and mugs are also better for surfaces and will prevent scratches on tables, countertops and glass surfaces. Consider cork promotional products for your next promotion.

The majority of the world’s cork comes from Portugal and Spain. Cork is considered environmentally friendly and sustainable because only the bark is harvested from the cork tree. The rest of the tree continues to live, grow and generate more bark.

Cork’s near-impermeability and elasticity are what has made it a timeless choice for bulletin boards in schools, homes and offices. Now interior designers are upping the ante and covering entire walls in the durable material. And from home style to personal fashion, cork is becoming a fun and funky alternative to leather in bags and wallets because it is moisture resistant.

Hip designers and style mavens have been singing the praises of cork as a style trend. Whether you’re a fan of shabby chic, natural earth tones or simply rustic design details, cork promo items are sure to be a hit with your clients and help get your business name associated with this trendy and environmentally sustainable movement.

Hosting a wine tasting or an event where the champagne will be flowing? Pop that cork and run with the theme with cork gift bags, picture frames or a cork-bottomed memento mug custom printed for the special occasion.

Cork Bottom Bags

Customers can load up their belonging in these cork-bottomed bags and totes and have peace of mind knowing their goods will be safe while being carried in these durable pouches that won’t scratch floors or counters when you set them down. Choose from reliable drawstring bags, handy totes or small travel-friendly cosmetic bags.

Custom Cork Coasters

Super absorbent and ready to protect your table and counter surfaces, cork coasters have been a favorite among traditional promo tools for decades. Lightweight and easy to imprint with your custom logo or artwork, cork coasters are also available in a slew of fun and exciting shapes. Circles and squares are always a safe bet but don’t be afraid to get creative with heart, star, cloud, football, apple or even a piggy bank-shaped coaster. Real estate agents or home services providers will naturally gravitate to the house-shaped coaster.

Cork Detailed Drinkware

Don’t have a coaster handy? That’s not a problem with these cork-bottomed bottles and mugs. You definitely won’t have to worry about leaving a condensation ring behind is you’re drinking out of this mug. And the full-bodies cork tumblers provide enough insulation that you can leave the coffee sleeve behind as well.

Sustainable Cork Accessories

The possibilities for utilizing cork in everyday objects are constantly growing as designers and trendsetters come up with more inventive uses for this versatile and durable material. And each new idea is another opportunity for companies and advertisers to customize cork accessories with their own logo or brand name.

Uncork the Promotional Possibilities with PrintGlobe!

Pop the cork off your next corporate gifting campaign with cork promotional products from PrintGlobe. Your clients and future customers will be impressed by the durable and forward-thinking possibilities of cork!

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