Trend Spotlight: Terry Wristbands

In case you needed more proof that the 80s are back, custom terry wristbands seem to be coming back around as a promotional trend! While these products are always a good choice to advertise your brand, we’ve been noticing an increase in their popularity. So, why has there been a recent interest in these fun promotional products?

The Perfect Product for Athletes

Not only do wristbands have a distinct retro style, but they’re also a creative giveaway for athletic events! Over the course of baseball season this year, we’ve seen lots of high profile players wearing terry cloth wristbands along with their wrist wraps. Seeing them shown off in Major League Baseball makes them a perfect addition to team uniforms or giveaways for fans of minor league teams, school sports groups and more. 

Rad Retro Promotions

This trend could also be caused by the recent return of 80s style! Thanks to TV shows and other pop culture throwbacks like Stranger Things, lots of 80s culture and style is coming back to the mainstream. When athleasure (another trend that’s in full swing at the moment) became popular in the 80s, so did sweatbands of all kinds. (Think Olivia Newton John in her iconic headband from the “Let’s Get Physical” music video.)

Need Ideas for Your Next Campaign? Don’t Sweat It.

With this trend on the upswing, now is the perfect time to use terry wristbands to represent your brand. And since fall is just around the corner, they make great handouts for 5K runs and school sporting events. They’re also a popular choice for micro breweries and drink companies, non-profit organizations, school  booster clubs and much more. With our variety of styles and colors of terry wristbands, not to mention lots of other fitness related products, there’s a great option for every business and organization. Give us a call today and we’ll get your terry wristband order started.

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