Shift your promotion into motion with automotive accessories from PrintGlobe

Whether it’s the usual weekday commute to work or the great American road trip down Route 66, PrintGlobe features automotive promotional tools that will steer drivers and passengers toward your brand.

According to AAA, Americans collectively spend 70 billion hours behind the wheel of their cars, so it is important for companies to consider automobile-related promotional tools when developing their marketing campaigns. Advertisers no longer have to limit their audience to just a singular driver and their usual passengers. With the rise in popularity of ride-sharing, the number of eyeballs that will be exposed to your brand has increased exponentially.

Inside or outside the vehicle, there are multiple surfaces and ways to get your custom printed logo into the passenger’s gaze. From headrest covers to air conditioning vent air fresheners, there are unique ways of adverting your company or products without distracting the driver or detracting from the ambiance of a scenic Sunday drive.

Most people think of bumper stickers when they think of car promotions, and while PrintGlobe features plenty of stickers and decals for your vehicle fleet, there are other more creative ways to market your company when it comes to cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, minivans, crossovers, smart cars, not-so-smart cars and old school woodgrain paneled station wagons!

Custom license plate frames

Traditionally a gift from a dealership or used car lot, license plate frames have been advertising who sold you your car for decades. More recently, custom license plate frames are used to show support for various awareness causes, university or school affiliations or a way to tell the world that you’re the biggest fan of a football or basketball team. License plate frames also make great fundraising items for schools and sports teams.

Magnetic car signs

The beauty of the magnetic can sign is in their ability to turn a personal vehicle into a work vehicle for small business owners without damaging paint jobs or having the marketing message permanently stuck to the bumper. Car signs generally offer a larger advertising space so you can include more essential contact information including web URLs, email addresses and social media tags as well as phone numbers. Punch out magnetic car signs have also become popular for marketing and fundraising for local sports teams.

Custom printed car flags

While we’re talking about sports teams, let’s not overlook how many car flags emblazoned with basket team logos and mascots that you see on the roads during playoff season and especially after a national team wins the championship. That kind of brand enthusiasm can be applied to other teams, organizations and awareness campaigns with custom printed car flags. They’re easy to attach to vehicle windows and are sure to attract attention on streets and in parking lots all over your city.

Logo air fresheners

Some of the more out-of-the-box promotional tools for cars are custom logo air fresheners. Making sure your vehicle maintains a new car smell or some fruit flavor equivalent, passengers in a rideshare vehicle are sure to take notice of where that pleasant aroma is coming from and catch a glance of your custom company logo.

Branded car chargers

Another promotional product for the car that is highly visible and greatly appreciated by passengers, rideshare or just the usual friends and family, is phone chargers and power adapters. Rideshare passengers are almost always in need of a last-minute charge before their big night on the town. And they’re guaranteed two marketing impressions when they connect and disconnect with your custom printed car chargers!

Custom printed phone holders

Phone holders and stands help drivers focus and keep both hands on the steering wheel. That extra bit of safety can help position your company as socially responsible when drivers see your logo as they attach and remove their phones at the beginning and end of the trip. Enhance your promotional power and gain valuable karma points with custom printed cell phone holders!

Printed auto shades

Your car or truck doesn’t have to be in motion to have an advertising impact. Let the marketing continue while you’re parked in a parking lot with custom printed car sun shades and window shades. With their large imprint area, there’s even more potential for impactful full-color graphics and logos that are sure to catch the attention of both passing cars and pedestrians.

Other Automotive Promotional Tools

When it comes to promotional tools for vehicles, the options are virtually limitless. Branded items can be tied the maintenance of the vehicle itself to the safety and comfort of the passengers inside. Automotive-related companies and dealers can go a long way in building name brand recognition and appreciation of their customers with a custom logo printed on a roadside emergency kit.

And don’t forget about road worthy drink tumblers for your cup holders and keychains custom printed to match your company brand!

Calm your road rage with promo items from PrintGlobe

So whether you’re in the business of selling cars, fixing trucks or just using your spare time to give passengers a ride around town, consider the promotional possibilities of custom printed vehicle accessories from PrintGlobe. Contact us today and we’ll help set the wheels in motion for your next marketing campaign!

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