Level-Up Your Can Coolers With PrintGlobe

So you know the difference between neoprene and scuba foam can coolers, but is that everything there is to know about these tried and true promotional products? Can coolers are the perfect way to let customers crack open a cold one and keep it cold while keeping your logo on display. But how can you make sure the products you choose for your next event or giveaway set your brand apart from the rest?

With PrintGlobe’s variety of different material-looks, you can be sure your can holders capture plenty of attention, accurately represent your business, and provide customers with a product they’ll want to take home. Here are some of our favorite unique, retail inspired can coolers that can give your campaign the upscale look you’ve been wanting.


Giving your branded materials a rustic, natural look is all the rage right now, and there’s no better way to do it than with burlap and neoprene can holders. They’re also perfect for outdoor weddings! We even have an option with a burlap pocket, for an even more unique and contemporary feel.

Heathered Jersey Knit

With their soft and comfortable look, heathered patterns continue to rise in popularity. While your customers’ beers and sodas stay cold and their hands stay warm, your logo can really shine. With our selection, you can find the best way to give your heathered can holders the pop of color they need to truly represent your brand.


With our suede-look options, you can really take your advertisements up a notch without breaking the budget. The suede look is a great way to highlight the high quality, natural tone of your brand and give your business retail-level swag. It’s perfect for giveaways or additions to festivals and events.

Denim, Velvet and More

Denim-look and velvet can holders do more than just capture the attention of potential customers — they also show off your brand’s style and set a tone. We also have two-toned options, full color reversible options, magnetic options which essentially give your customers a portable cup holder, and much more. Give your brand the look it needs by checking out our full selection of can holders or call us today to get your order started.

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