Neoprene vs. Scuba Foam for Promotional Can Coolers

When it comes to keeping beverages cool and promoting your company, not all can coolers and KOOZIE®s are created equally. The main insulation materials for can holders are neoprene and scuba foam – and consumers often get the two confused.

Most of the confusion comes from the name, as a scuba diver’s wetsuit is actually constructed from neoprene material. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that remains flexible in a wide range of temperatures. Neoprene is more durable, flexible and provides better insulation than scuba foam, but it’s also more expensive.

Scuba foam is foam rubber backing with a polyester outer covering. Though it doesn’t maintain temperatures for as long as neoprene insulation, scuba foam is more affordable so that’s why it is more common in the manufacture of can insulators.

Companies looking at custom printed can holders as a promotional tool should carefully consider which material to use. Scuba is usually sewn and then turned inside out so the stitching doesn’t show. Neoprene normally has a visible zigzag stitch visible on the outside which can be used for color complementing or contrasting with a business or organization’s custom printed logo.

Let PrintGlobe Hold Your Beer

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