Hats: The Perfect Promo For Any Season

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Whether you’re keeping customers warm or protecting their faces from the sun, there are tons of promotional opportunities with custom hats! With our selection, you can find a welcome addition to any wardrobe no matter the season. Apparel giveaways can be tough when keeping sizes in consideration, but hats are a great way to attach your brand to a fun accessory while avoiding the complication of size. Check out some of our personal favorites and learn more about the benefits of each style so you can be sure you’re choosing the right hats for your campaign.

Baseball Caps

  • Baseball caps protect your customers’ faces AND scalps from too much sun exposure, which makes them great giveaways or gifts for outdoor events.
  • Some of our most popular custom hat options! They’re a casual fashion accessory for all kinds of customers, worn by everyone from sports fans to truckers to farmers.
  • Ball caps are worn all year round, not just in summer. That kind of exposure is great for maximizing your promotional efforts and keeping your logo on display.


  • The open top of visors makes them more breathable, protecting customers’ faces from the sun while keeping the top of their heads cool.
  • They’re popular among athletes, so they make great giveaways at marathons, golf tournaments, field days and more! Perfect for tennis players and runners.
  • Visors have a beachy/summer feel, making them perfect for your promotional campaigns during hotter months!


  • Along with scarves and gloves, beanies are always popular items during the winter.
  • They’re an essential item for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, making them great for sporting supply stores.
  • They come in a variety of fun styles with a large imprint area, so you can let your brand shine!

Hats Off to Easy Promotions!

Hats are classic promotional tools for a reason — they’re a popular favorite among customers and they keep your logo or message in everyone’s line of vision. Plus, those hat categories aren’t the only styles we offer here at PrintGlobe. We also have hats for fishing, trucker hats, even rainbow Pride hats! Check out our full selection or, if you have something specific in mind, give us a call today and we’ll get started finding the perfect hat for your promotions.

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