Which Reusable Water Bottle is Best for Your Brand?

Single use water bottles are becoming a thing of the past, making way for all kinds of reusable ones which are perfect for showcasing your logo! We already went over some of the benefits of different types of tumblers, so now we’re shedding some light on stainless steel vs. glass vs. plastic sports water bottles for your promotions.

Plastic Sports Bottles:

  • Durable: Part of the reason they’re considered sports bottles is that they’re great for people on the go!
  • Hydrate throughout the day: These bottles are more likely to have a large construction that holds a lot of water, so your customers don’t have to keep refilling them. 
  • Brand names: Our selection of plastic bottles includes brands you know and trust like CamelBak and Contigo.
  • Their durability and easy transport make these bottles perfect choices for athletes and daily commuters.

Stainless Water Bottles:

  • Insulation: The stainless steel material is better insulated and keeps water colder for longer. 
  • High-end look: The sophisticated construction and look of stainless steel water bottles gives them an impressive look for your clients and customers.
  • Variety of imprint methods: You can choose to engrave these bottles along with color imprints. 
  • The sleek look and superior insulation makes these water bottles perfect for keeping on desks in work spaces, work trips and road trips, and long days outside when you need to keep your water cold. 

Glass Water Bottles:

  • High-end AND transparent: Drinking water out of something transparent is important to some people. Glass bottles give your brand the upscale look you want while still allowing the user to see inside.
  • Longest lasting material: Glass material is great for the environment because it can be used for years to come without wearing down or changing. That’s a long time to keep your brand on display! 
  • Serving use: They come in larger sizes which can be used in place of a pitcher to fill glasses. That way you can fill glasses with a professional and branded look.
  • The elegant look and construction of these bottles make them perfect for keeping in offices, meeting spaces and restaurants.

There are More Ways to Promote While You Hydrate

With PrintGlobe’s wide selection, these are not even the only options available when shopping for reusable water bottles! If you’re still not sure which to use for your brand, take a look at our entire water bottle collection or give us a call today.

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