Get Straight A’s with Back-to-School Promotional Products from PrintGlobe

From pencils to backpacks, rulers to parking hangers, PrintGlobe offers back-to-school promotional products that will educate students, parents and teachers about your brand.

The back-to-school shopping season has officially become its own retail quarter basically starting when summer begins. It’s second only to the Christmas holiday spending blitz. Back-to-school promotional products are a time-tested way to build brand exposure for your company while providing students with educational supplies.

Grade school children with pencils and crayons may be what initially comes to mind when one thinks of school supplies, but companies looking to target their back-to-school marketing should aim higher to university and college students who have a lot more control over their own spending. And don’t forget community colleges or trade schools.

Many promotional products aren’t necessarily a match for strict and specific lists of grade school supplies that students use in their everyday hands-on learning, but marketers can help kids when it comes to staying organized and transporting books and supplies to and from school. Businesses can still get in on the back-to-school action by providing branded backpacks, pencil bags and supply cases imprinted with company logos.

Custom printed promotional products are ideal for school fundraisers and booster groups. Academic clubs and school sports teams can raise extra financial support with custom branded spirit merchandise emblazoned with their team names, colors and mascots.

Promotional Pens and Pencils

Looking for an inexpensive way to get into the hands or behind the ears of eager note takers? Imprinted with your name and logo, these budget pencils feature #2 lead so they’re compatible with Scantron test forms. Check out these clever pencil-style pens that will have students and teachers doing a double take of your custom imprint. They’re sure to grab attention and tie into any back-to-school promotion. These wooden ruler boxes will be the envy of art classes featuring 12 colored pencils, a ruler and a pencil sharpener. Screen printed with names or logos, these sophisticated cases will also stand out for geography and architecture students.

Custom Branded Backpacks

These Classic Style Backpacks are perfect for adhering to school uniforms or for getting your school name or mascot onto the backs of students. Make sure your incoming class looks sharp and have a reliable way to transport books and homework to and from school with these classic backpacks! Clear Vinyl Backpacks will help keep students safe and allow parents to see what their kids are carrying to and from class. The see-thru vinyl material will also help students stay organized and quickly locate the correct textbook or school supply for the assignment. Great for field trips and gym class, these Budget Nylon Drawstring Bags are perfect for showing off school spirit with school names, logos and mascots. Lightweight and easy to open, these nylon bags are an ideal fit for extracurricular activities.

School Spirit Bike Bottles

An inexpensive way to get your brand into the hands of thirsty students biking to and from campus and walking between classes, these Hydrate’n Go Bike Bottles can be easily imprinted with school logos and mascots. They’re also a great advertising opportunity for companies aiming for an active student target market. Or if you want to impress students with a bottle that will last the entire span of their four to six year college career consider upgrading to Tritan Grab-N-Go Water Bottles or Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottles.

Other Academic Essentials

On the cutting edge of writing and ink technology, these innovative Erasable Highlighters use a thermo-sensitive ink formula that disappears with erasing friction without the messy eraser residue or damaging papers or books. Amaze your teachers and fellow students with this note taking magic trick!

Rulers are a classic school supply that can be used by students and parents alike. Your company’s custom logo and contact information can be prominently displayed on these 12″ Promotional Rulers without getting in the way of the educational applications and value.

Help keep hands clean and students healthy with these Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizers. Each bottle of germ-fighting sanitizer comes wrapped in a neoprene jacket that can be imprinted with your organization’s logo, letting students and families know who truly cares about their health.

Parking Lot Stickers and Pickup Lane Hang Tags

Make sure that students and faculty are parking in their designated parking areas with Rounded Parking Permit Hang Tags. For a more permanent parking lot access indicator, consider these Standard Clear Parking Permit Decals. They’re less distracting while driving and are less prone to being lost or stolen.

Schools can also issue Pickup Lane Hang Tags to parents for added security when it comes to picking up students after school and to expedite the whole drop-off/pick-up lane process.

Head back to school with PrintGlobe

Don’t be tardy for your back-to-school promotions! Look to PrintGlobe for unique academic marketing opportunities and all your school spirit and fundraising merchandise needs and you’ll be at the head of your class!

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